About Kimmy

My name is Kimmy (you may have guessed this by now) – and I am cosmetic addict (among other things). I live in London with my better half (who has chosen to remain anonymous as he is painfully shy) and our two gorgeous doggys – affectionately nickamed ‘baby gorgeous 1 and baby gorgeous 2’, who never cease to amaze me with their mischief and mayhem – something I look forward to everyday.  I have a full time job (I won’t tell you what it is as I run the risk of boring you) and by evening – I am the dutiful wife – I cook, I bake, I clean (no throwing out the rubbish though, that’s a man’s job mum says)

Over the years, my unhealthy obsession with cosmetics branched out into fashion (I love high street brands as well as high end brands when I can afford them – I practically live in Zara and on the internet machine waves of ASOS, HnM, Dorothy Perkins and sometimes Topshop) , travel, trying different food, baking and cooking, long walks in random places, and all things dog related – things that inspire me really.  I started this lifestyle blog in 2011 –  and yes – it has taken me 2 years to get my stuff in order as I am terribly all over the place sometimes – part of what makes me special (or so my mum says).

Every single product on my site is bought for by me (which answers the question as to why I’m always broke at the end of the month) unless stated (I sometimes get products as gifts from friends, family).  I love writing and so this website is just an avenue I am using to share my (sometimes unhealthy) addiction with you.  I also love people and any interaction or comments from you are more than welcome.

My mother always said – if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t bother saying it, so if you’re going to say something that’s not so nice then perhaps you have stumbled onto the wrong website, try www.rudepeople.com, you might have better luck there (I don’t know if that site exists by the way). That’s not to say you cannot disagree with what I write – this is a free country (the last time I checked)

Please leave any questions/comments in the comment boxes at the end of every review – I would love to hear from anyone/everyone who wants to talk to me.  If you are interested in collaborating  on the site, please send over a message. I would love if you wanted to guest blog too – this whole blogging thing is really quite fun! 🙂

Five things you might not want to know about me, but I’m going to tell you anyway;

  1. I have a gross habit of sometimes biting my toe-nails. I don’t know why I do it – but I do and the better half thinks its utterly disgusting (so do I but i don’t do it on purpose!)
  2. I am so obsessed with Christmas that I prepare my gift list from January. By June, I have 50% of presents (it saves me so much money buying in the summer sales!)
  3. I have no official race – on my identity card it says ‘Eurasian’ a mix of European and Asian – in school, I was known as ‘others’.
  4. Ive written 4 children’s book on the two doggies – the first one was published a wedding gift to me by the better half. He gave it to me on our wedding day.
  5. I used to have short spiky hair. I have only got 3 pictures of me with this hairstyle and no one on earth is EVER going to see them.

Lastly – thank you. Thank you for bothering to read this introduction from a girl who is a little crazy, a lot loopy, loves to laugh and most times doesn’t take herself so seriously. This site is my little bit of fun, and I hope you enjoy it!

Lots of love always,