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Baked Teriyaki Chicken

Chicken Teriyaki Ingredients (most of them anyway!)

Baked Teriyaki Chicken Ingredients (most of them anyway!)

We had the finalising of the new wardrobe (UBER EXCITED!!!) drawn up last night and the poor surveyor stayed till about 8pm.  While the better half got down to the nitty gritty of how he wanted the hinges and door wraps to look like (the only wrap I know is a Christmas wrap!) – I sneaked off into the kitchen to get dinner started.  We bought some chicken over the weekend and I decided to make my favourite dish – Baked Teriyaki Chicken.  The better half says this is the best thing I make – and I love it so, Baked Teriyaki Chicken it was! Cooks in the oven for 1 hour (prep time takes about half and hour depending on how fast you are at peeling and cutting stuff!!) Continue reading

Cote Brasserie for lunch? Don’t mind if I do!

Cote Restaurant

Cote Brasserie

We were promised a lunch by our boss a while back for successfully reaching our targets and today was that day. Yes sir – a trip to the french Cote Brasserie was in order! Just conveniently placed down the road from where our office is, this is not the first time I have been here – the other time being our Christmas lunch (but this was at another location).  I was not as impressed with the Christmas lunch offering, but put it down to peer pressure of cooking for over 40 people who were all hungry,and wanting to go to the after-party (free flow wine at the after party – who could blame us!?!?) Continue reading

Si Chuan Saturday. Bring it on baby!

Sweet and Sour King Prawns (Hong Kong style)

Sweet and Sour King Prawns (Hong Kong style)

The weather was not the best this weekend, and hence, we mainly stayed in both on Saturday (except dinner at the lovely Si Chuan restaurant we went to which is what this article is about) and on Sunday. Suited us really, as the better half is off to Germany later on this week for business and so he has loads read, and me? Well, I’m still organising and getting the website sorted.  I am still learning all about SEO and currently, in the midst of individually writing the codes for each one – fun times indeed. Can’t wait till the site is properly up and all I will have to do is update the daily stuff – I’m tired of doing the old stuff! Continue reading

Tony Stark is worth the crazy amount we spent on hotdogs!

how very nutritious!

how very nutritious!

We went to see Iron Man 3 last night – and I just want to put it out there.  Tony Stark, will you marry me?!  The better half was not as impressed with the show, ‘how can he take so many hits and still be standing – it’s just not possible dah-ling’! Ermmm, its a film you numptee! AND he’s Ironman, of course he can take hit after hit and still win in the end! Continue reading

Spring Fun with Ted Baker and Mango

Ted Baker Eleano Jeans, Mango top

Ted Baker Eleano Jeans, Mango top

Ted Baker – I love em’ and have various bits and pieces scattered all round my wardrobe. Totally enamored with my Ted Baker Eleano Summer Bloom printed jeans – my very first pair or printed jeans too! I love that the pattern is not too ‘busy’, by that, I mean you still see patches of cream and a scatter of summer bloom flowers in just the right places.  Costs £109 (gasp!) but these are the only ones I’m going to get these summer so I thought I would splash out a little (and I had my bonus today). Get these lovelies here.

IMG_7975 (467x700)

The top is from Mango when I was visiting Singapore – I couldn’t find it in the online store here, so I have found you a very similar one here.

IMG_7971 (700x467)

Shoes were from Singapore too – a home grown brand called Pedro.  Ill try and look for a similar one – Ive not found one yet unfortunately 🙁 .

Right – must dash off as we are going to see Iron Man 3 now – Tony Stark is my secret lover. Hahaha. Laters my lovelies.


YIKES! Vet trip means grumpy doggies. Stinky breath = Periodontal Disease

BG1's close up

BG1’s close up

Today, we had to take BG1 and BG2 to the vet for their annual vaccination and and overall health check.  This was not good news – they hate the vet.  BG1 becomes extra gumpy (something about the vet putting a thermometer up his poor bottom a while back which he has yet to forgive) and BG2 shakes uncontrollably and attempts to jump off the observation table as often as she can (who cares about broken legs – as long as she keeps away from the vet is her train of woof-thoughts!). Continue reading

Purchases from the Karen Millen Sale. Hooray!

there's always time for a bit of K.Millen shopping!

there’s always time for a bit of K.Millen shopping!

I first wrote about the Karen Millen Sale here, I love love love their sale, its one i always look forward to. I am so lucky that my work colleagues gave me Karen Millen vouchers for my birthday last year (OK OK, I told them I wanted it – but it went to good use!)  I was saving using the vouchers till their sales and here are my 2 purchases!!  SO happy with them, might even use them to work tomorrow!! Continue reading

Greenwich Park



After the marathon on Sunday we made our way down to this gorgeous park.  Greenwich Park covers 73 hectares (183 acres) and is the oldest enclosed Royal Park.  Within this magnificent park – there is a huge rose garden (so gorgeous in the summer – not right now as the gardener has had to deadhead all the flowers for new buds to spring so all you get is a few sticks sticking out of the ground!) a deer enclosure, and loads and loads of trees, open spaces, wild grass and hills galore. Continue reading

Double Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts

Double Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts

Mmmmmm. I baked these yesterday – Sunday baking is so much fun! These were lovely and VERY chocolatey. Soft inside too – which is great as I was so scared they were going to turn out dry. So happy with them as also my first time baking brownies! Everyone at work loved them – so happy with how they came out!  Yippie – recipe below.

P/S: Lessen the chocolate if you are not that much of a chocolate fan (though its hard to find someone who hates chocolate!) Also, the dark chocolate I used was 80% cocoa – the usual is about 70% I think, so that might have contributed to the extra chocolatey taste! Continue reading

London Marathon 2013

IMG_7724 (500x333)

I absolutely love the London Marathon.  I remember going to see the runners with a baby BG1 when we first got him in April 2007, the run was the immediate week after we got him – and believe you me, the better half got half the single ladies in the crowd talking to him – he did mention that if he had known a little puppy would get him this much attention – he should have got one sooner! Ha. So, BG1 is used to the race, and we have seen every race since 2006 – BG2 is not as pleased, she hates the crowds, hates the fuss and the loud cheering scares her, so she sits firmly in my arms as I frantically shout and (try to wave) words of encouragement.  The crowds are electric and everyone is always in a joyful mood.  Continue reading