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MAC Studio Finish Concealer

IMG_9063 (500x333)

Name: MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35

Price: £14.50

Where: MAC counters nationwide, MAC Online

My first concealer – this Mac Studio Finish Concealer provides long lasting full coverage (over 8 hours) and covers up scars and blemishes brilliantly. Truth be told, I don’t use this as much anymore as my foundations provide full coverage as it is, but when I’m have a lazy day and just use a powder foundation, then I use this concealer to cover up my (many) imperfections.  I use NC 35.

Its also water-resistant, fragrance-free and non-blemishgenic – which if like me you get spots just from thinking about it, is perfect.  It effectively covers dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks. Guess what? Its also filled with antioxidants (derivatives of Vitamin A and Vitamin E), it also contains Silica to help adsorb the skin’s oils which is great as yes, i suffer from that too! 🙁 Concealer has an SPF of 35 and is available in a wide range of colours. I have a make-up concealer brush to help apply this with, but I find it works best with fingertips.

Get it here if you can’t pop by the counter yourself – though its best you pop down to the counter to make sure you get the colour right – I use MAC’s NC40 foundation but had to go one shade lighter for their concealer.


before – with some cuts



Happy Sunday people!


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk


Name: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

Price: £34.50

Where : Giorgio Armani counters, Online

Coverage: Medium to full




The joint second most foundation I own. I went over to Selfridge’s one Saturday afternoon and made my way to the Armani counter. I bought myself some foundation after reading about about it in a magazine – ok ok, that’s not all I bought, I also bought a tube of mascara from them – Eyes to Kill. Anyway, back to the foundation. It’s a medium based coverage, and has very brown undertones. Its also not very thick and light and easy to put on. I felt I had to put a lot of it on to cover the scars on my cheek but other than that, this foundation is passable – which is not what you want to hear after spending so much on it! It does leave a lovely matte finish on your skin once your done though. The only downside is the cost of it and also how much of it you will need to use should you desire full coverage.

Unfortunately I don’t use this foundation anymore as its become way too brown for my skin tone and I look a little like a tree trunk when I have it on.  Shame as it does not leave my skin oily – only one blot sheet (blue picture below) used after 8 hours of continuous wear, if you’re like me and you have an oily complexion, is a God-send.

Get it here online if you cant pop down to one of their counters.


giorgioarmanitest  giorgio armani blot test



Why, hello there people! My name is Marcus and I am a 1-2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross (staffie for short). I am currently a resident at the lovely Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

I am a very friendly chap, not to mention clever too! I am extremely happy all the time – see my smile on my snapshot above? That’s right folks, you won’t ever catch me without it! I absolutely love people, dogs and toys – I could play for hours with other doggies and my toys!

I have great motivation for further training, but I sometimes forget my manners and human etiquette so I am looking for an active family who will enjoy training me. I am always looking to please and I am 100% ready to go on an adventure with you – lead and I’ll follow!

I am very smart and I love using my brain, my new owners will need to think of lots and lots of interesting games for me so you can keep my clever mind busy! I promise I will make a rewarding life-long companion and fun addition to my new home.

If you can give me a second chance, get your people to call my people at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 0843 509 4444. The lovely people there will arrange a meeting with me. My reference number is 13/01022.  See you real soon!




What’s in your handbag?

IMG_9090 (1000x667)

You mean, what’s NOT in my handbag?! I never really thought much about what’s in my handbag – all I know is I pretty much need everything in there! At the moment, Money Supermarket are having a fabulous competition where you tell them what’s in your bag.  In return, you could win a Mulberry Bayswater, Continental Purse and Phone Cover,. Read more about the competition here.

I have my ‘work’ bag and then my going out bag.  This post will be about what’s in my work bag – as this is what I carry (I mean lug) around daily.

IMG_9101 (1000x667)

This MaxMara bag I bought from Bicester Village (outlet store) – I absolutely love going there. I once bought a dress that was priced at over £1000 discounted to £180. It really is a brilliant place to get great deals! This bag is HUGE – which is what I need for my daily work bag.  I paid about £400 for it – discounted from about £800. I bought the cute little doggy make up bag from Next in their sale last year- £5!

IMG_9097 (1000x667)

My Sony laptop was a gift from my folks last year for my birthday. I was mugged (the bastards) in early June and lost everything. 🙁  My parents bought me this as they knew my old one was dead, and it was also something to cheer me up from the wallowing pit I was hanging out in.  I carry this with me everyday as I blog during my lunch time at work.

IMG_9092 (1000x667)

I love Chanel Allure – it smells ohh-la-la! I have a few fragrances that I toggle between and this week smell of the week is this one.

IMG_9100 (1000x667)

My Christian Dior purse – this is about 8 years old and I bought this with my very first pay check way back when. Its a little small and my cards struggle to fit in here – it also doesn’t help that I have an uncanny ability to collect tons of coins! My old wallet was in my bag that was stolen and I refuse to pay for another wallet so I’m just using my old one. Works fine so I’m happy! Blistex is important as I use heels at work and in order to look fabulous, I have to grit my teeth and break new shoes in.  This bad boy helps me ease the pain a little, while still letting me look fabulous. 🙂 I always carry Piriteze with me as I am allergic to the stupidest things – ibuprofen, certain cheeses etc – I know, its ridiculous right! These tablets help me should i have an allergic reaction to God knows what. I always carry gum with me – this flavour is gorgeous – Bubblegum Mint! Y-U-M-M-Y.

IMG_9093 (1000x667)

Make up. This is an integral part of my handbag – I am ready should I have to suddenly spruce up for a meeting with a long lost friend or a date with the better half who has decided to surprise me after work with dinner reservations.  I always have 1 lipstick, 2 lip glosses  NARS in Tiber and MAC Hug Me for work, and a red gloss in  MAC in Venetian for going out. Mascara (one for eyelashes one for under eyelashes) powder (Revlon almost naked) blusher (Burberry Russet Blush) eyeliner (YSL and MAC khols), highlighter YSL Touche Eclat and my MAC brushes.

IMG_9098 (1000x667)

IPhone 5.  I hate to say it – but I would be lost without this (literally I’m terrible with directions!) All my songs and pictures are on here. More importantly, me and the better half’s schedule is on here so I know what he’s doing and vice-versa.  We use this so we don’t double book each other which is fab. Sorry about the picture – for some reason the stupid camera cut the bottom bit off! 🙁

*Also in my bag but not in the picture*

Crabtree and Evelyn Handcream. I really should use this more often as I have terrible dry hands. I don’t unfortunately. I love the citrus smell of this hand cream – given to me as a free gift when I bought a gift for a cousin last year from there.  *note to self: USE MORE HANDCREAM OR YOU WILL HAVE WRINKLY HANDS*

Clean and Clear Oil Blotter. I have combination skin and so need this to dry off any access oil during the day. I don’t want my face to be mistaken for a frying pan with tons of oil in it! Hahaha. 🙂 This is an integral part of my blog too as I review foundations and at 3.15pm I do an ‘Oil Blot Test’ for that particular foundation I’m testing.

That’s about it folks. (should’ve done this post on a Friday – I would have had a pair of shoes in there!!) 🙂  The contents of my bag – estimated cost of everything? Maybe less than a grand – BUT they are all insured as after being mugged last year – I’m not taking any chances (bloody bastard muggers!). Voila!

These “What’s in my handbag” blog posts are always so popular and if you’re considering entering the competition with Money Supermarket for the chance to win all three Mulberry prizes, Its simple!

All you do is;

Create a blog post about what’s in your handbag and email the blogpost link to: with “What’s In Your Handbag” in the subject link. Find all the details and T&C’s here, If your a little confused and this is your first time doing a post about this like me, there are fabulous examples from other bloggers on the link I provided earlier.  Got to be in it to win it people! The lucky winner will be picked out of a hat – so get praying people! haha 🙂

Good luck to all who enter! 🙂


Hakkasan Hanway Place

IMG_8780 (600x400)

It was our 3rd year anniversary last Wednesday and because it was a working day – we ordered a take away and decided that we would have a proper celebration dinner on Friday.  We absolutely love Hakkasan and this was the 3rd time we would have been here – twice at Hakkasan Hanway Place and once at Mayfair (didn’t like that one too much – ambiance was not to my liking – place was too loud). The restaurant boasts 1 Michelin Star and rightfully so – the food is awesome.

The better half has always been a huge fan of piping hot food – and believe you me, it does not get anymore hotter then here – especially since they use clay-pots to bring some of the dishes out in (and in those clay pots, the food stays hot forever!) Great if you are a slow eater like me 🙂

Here is what we had, and my verdict on them:

IMG_8786 (600x400)

You have got to try this Salt and Pepper Squid. I love how soft the squid is – its so rare that any restaurant can do this – most of the ones we have had were rubbery. These bad boys are gorgeously seasoned with salt and pepper (not too much nor too little) I asked what the secret was to getting the squid so soft and she said to score it before and so – we will try it! I very much doubt we could replicate this – but we will give it a good try! 🙂

IMG_8789 (600x400)

Stir Fry Organic Pork Belly in a Salted Fish sauce – these pork belly dishes seem to follow me where ever I go! Ok Ok, so I always order it – can’t get enough of it! This was beautifully soft and came steaming hot as it came in a claypot. The dish has some heat to it too, which was a lovely addition as it didn’t overpower the dish. If you want a ‘kick’, try munching on one of the chilies (P/S: please have a cup of water handy!) 🙂

IMG_8791 (600x400)

Possibly the best vegetable dish I have ever tried. No one does Gai Lan like the Chinese do and this Gai Lan and Salted Fish stir fry with fresh chili is outstanding. I would recommend this to everyone, please don’t be put off by the salted fish stir fry, I promise it does not overtake the dish at all, this dish is so delicate and GORGEOUS that I ended up eating 90% of it (sorry better half! next time I promise to leave you at least 20%!) 🙂 Did I mention I loved this dish yet?

IMG_8792 (600x400)

This Chili Prawn and Jin Chuan sauce dish was the better half’s favourite. The prawns were HUGE and very soft. The sauce accompaniment was absolutely stunning as well and again, a touch of heat to the dish which was nice.

IMG_8793 (600x400)

Alas, I was not a fan of this Vegetable and preserved Olive Fried Rice – I thought it was bland and a little boring if I’m being honest 🙁 The better half loved it though – and while healthy, it just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t taste the olive in the rice enough which was a shame. 🙁

IMG_8805 (600x400) IMG_8808 (600x400)

One of the waitresses recognized us and as we got talking, found out it was our anniversary. She very kindly informed the kitchen and look what they did! I had the Jivara bomb, which was milk chocolate, hazelnut praline (urghh sooo good!), rice krispies (who said those were only for breakfast!!) all over it and a side swipe of popping candy – it was to die for! Not heavy at all.  The better half had Chocolate Marquise, which was dark chocolate, caramelised macadamia and kumquat which he loved. I’ve had it before and found it to be a touch too rich for me as I don’t quite fancy dark chocolate.

All in all – such a fantastic place and one we will definitely be coming back to, totally worth the money for the culinary skills of the chefs that ply their trade there. The waitresses and waiters are all so very friendly and polite and the service is fast! If you go – say hi to Fiona! She is awesome.

Hakkasan Website here if you want to have a gander. 🙂

Have you been to Hakkasan Hanway Place before? What did you think?


Flea Prevention

IMG_8914 (1000x667) IMG_8920 (1000x667)

**If you are reading this post though the link on FB – there is a problem with my account, I can’t seem to reply/comment to anyone/post – I’m not being rude I swear!  This has been reported to FB, but I doubt it will take a short time to be seen to. 🙁  Please leave any comments on here and I will reply to all! 🙂

Me and the better half do not have children yet and so my pooches are pretty much my babies. Years ago, I was giving BG1 a good ol’ scratch on his belly when I noticed some black dirt on his underside – I brushed it away and thought nothing more of it, after all, they go to the park and get all sorts of dirt on them and this was no different. The next week, I noticed the same dirt, but this time, more. I brushed it away again and, once again, foolishly didn’t think much of it.  Then I noticed him scratch – and not just a quick scratch, a non-stop sort of scratch. Being a good mummy, I scratched for him and it was while doing this that I saw it – this black ant like thing crawl under his white fur – like I had done it a disfavour by waking it up! I assumed it was an ant (sorry but I’ve never seen a flea before) and started to look for this ant on his fur. I popped him on his back and almost had a mini heart attack – while looking for this ‘ant’ I found more and more of this ‘dirt’ under his fur that I had missed before – how foolish did I feel! I called the vet and told him what I had found, he said ‘yes, sounds like he’s got fleas – you better check your other dog!’ WHAT?!?! Grabbed my girl, and she had the same ‘dirt’ on her belly. I soon found out that this ‘dirt’ is actually flea dropping, yes, flea poop, on my poor pooch. So, let me get this straight, after sucking my dogs blood, the fleas had the audacity to leave their poo ON my dogs?! Yup. Indeed. No bloody shame those fleas! Fleas are common occurrence in dogs, so don’t be surprised if you find one (or a few) on your pooch. Check out what flea dirt looks like below – Images courtesy of Google.

fleas1 fleas2

I combed out as much as I could, and made an appointment with the vet that same evening. He gave us a pipette to use on the dogs and said it should clear in a few days – as there was more than one flea on each dog. Where did it come from – Why did they get it – How do I prevent it – Was it something we did – Something in the house etc etc – I asked the vet all of these and got my answers.

Where do fleas come from?

This is such an open ended question – and the answer is everywhere. Fleas need warm hosts to survive – they feed on blood and worse, they can jump from host to host (which is why both my pooches had it).  They can even hitch a ride on clothes of anyone who enters your house, or whom you come into contact with.  Another way the fleas make themselves welcome is by jumping from animal to animal, I think one of my pooches might have caught it from a dog they met at the park who already had fleas. If you live in a new home, its quite possible that the fleas or their eggs were already there before you moved in, and get this folks: Flea eggs are capable of lying dormant for months on end – they hatch when its warm enough which is why you see more cases of flea infestation in the summer months and why in hotter climates, more animals get fleas as opposed to countries which have seasons. So really, fleas come from anywhere which makes it incredibly hard to control. The best thing to do to prevent your pooches from getting these nasty creatures on them is to make sure you use the monthly flea prevention on them.

Dishing the Dirt on these nasty little flea creatures

Most of the dirt you see on your pet will come from the female flea, though the male of the species also lives off the blood of its host animal and will drop dirt. In a female flea’s life cycle, she will put away approximately fifteen times her own body weight, which doesn’t seem like a lot when you take into account her size, but it can add up for your pet, and give way to considerable loss in blood, sometimes leading to anemia. This is very dangerous in dogs if it gets to that stage – it could kill them so be sure to check if you think you pooch is scratching more than usual.  I myself found 4 ticks on my boy and about  2 on my girl (though I am unsure if there were more than we missed) Flea allergy dermatitis is another thing you dog can get from a flea bite, usually minor skin irritation occurs but in rare cases, the dog may develop an allergy to the flea’s saliva. This will cause the dog to scratch excessively and could result in hair loss. Tapeworms are another common parasite associated with fleas,

Tapeworms are a common parasite associated with fleas. Though not transmitted by bites, fleas cause tapeworm infestations when the dog grooms and ingests a flea carrying the tapeworm larva. After ingestion, the tapeworm larva continues to develop in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract. When developed, the head of the tapeworm will attach to the intestinal wall and small egg filled segments periodically break off and are passed out the rectum. These segments are fed on by flea larva and the cycle continues. Though tapeworms do not usually result in illness in the dog, removal of the tapeworm is recommended.

Where in the house?

There are certain places in your home that might be a hotspot for fleas. These would primarily be where you dog sleeps, in your doggies bedding, carpeting and furniture.

How long they hang around for?

How long is a piece of string? Once fleas make it into your home, they go forth and multiply, hence the term “flea infestation.” Fleas breed prolifically. The adult female flea lays eggs every single day of her life. These eggs are spread around your home when they fall, unseen, from the host animal as it moves about. The flea eggs hatch into minute larvae, which cocoon themselves until they are fully grown. When the adult flea emerges from its cocoon and finds a host, it immediately begins to feed on its blood and prepare to lay more eggs, beginning the cycle all over again. Once we found out that our two had them, we had to boil wash everything in the house and give the carpet a deep clean.

Where outside?

Places where the humidity is high and have moderate daytime temperatures.  They quite like the shade too and hang out in animal enclosures such as kennels and doghouses.  Among vegetation is another favourite dwelling place of the flea.

How to locate fleas if you are outside?

Strangely enough, fleas are attracted to white/light coloured things, so if you’re using white socks or white clothes, you might be able to spot them as they jump onto you. White dogs are apparently more prone to get fleas because of their colour too – although scientifically, this has not been proven. Through personal experience,  both my dogs are predominantly white and have had them, my sisters dog is brown and has never had them.

How to keep your house as flea free as possible?

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum. I know this sounds tiring and it is, but this really does help. Vacuuming can remove up to 50% of flea eggs. Less flea eggs = less fleas. The vibrations from your vacuum can result in the emergence of adult fleas from the larvae stage. PS: Don’t forget to throw away the vacuum bag after you vacuum, if you keep the bags, this will allow the eggs that’s in the bag to hatch and start the whole process all over again! Steam clean your carpets regularly too. I always wash my dogs bedding once a month, on a very hot wash. I also check them every week for any signs of fleas – catching it early makes all the difference! If you have severe flea infestation, call an expert, he’ll fog the place and get rid of those pesky fleas once and for all!!


Vets recommend monthly prevention of this by administering monthly flea prevention medication. This comes in pipettes or tablets.The pipettes are administered on the nape on the neck directly onto the skin (See picture above and below) Tablets are administered orally or hidden inside your pooches food if he’s fussy about eating pills.  I use the pipettes as my two are not a fan of the tablets and sniffed them out when we tried to hide it in their food. Always check you have the right dosage of medication – I use two different ones as my boy is heavier than my girl and so he needs a stronger dose than her.

Someone commented on ‘natural remedies’ to prevent fleas, as there have been reports that some pipettes/tablets contain ingredients that might affect your dogs (mine are fine when we administer these) but again – every dog is different.  I unfortunately have not heard or done too much research on this, but I have found this article online here. Has anyone tried this – any idea if this works? I would love to hear more if anyone has tried this?

Of course – each dog is different and will react differently. Some people I know have an issue directly putting something that goes into the dogs bloodstream, whereas some people I know swear by this, Speak to your vet about your concerns.

IMG_8922 (1000x667) IMG_8925 (1000x667)

I hope this article helps you and your pooches folks – please share any advice/tips you might have to get rid/prevent fleas getting on our beloved pooches in the comment box below – I would love to hear from all.


PP/S: Read more about flea prevention here and here. In addition to what my vet advised, I also did personal research before writing this article. Some of the information I found for the article was through various searches on the internet – all of which have been confirmed to be correct by my vet.

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

Me and the better half have taken an interest in Hell’s Kitchen this year – yes, there is something about Gordon effin Ramsey shouting profanities at grown adults that makes us come back for more.OK – its not just that, some of the food gives us inspiration to want to try and be chef’s in our own little Michelin-stared kitchen and this was one of them. Bring on the Beef Wellington. P/S: Did you know this was a french dish?! With a name like Wellington, one would assume it was British! Continue reading



Me looking pretty (as usual!)

Howdy folks.  My name is Lola and I am a 1-year old Toy Poodle Cross.  I am currently a resident at the fabulous Battersea Dogs and Cats home and looking for my fur-ever home!

I am  a very lively girl with bundles and bundles of energy – you’ll do very well to catch up with me I’ll tell ya!  I am lots of fun but watch out – I have a feisty, cheeky nature. I need new owners who are active and can provide me with lots of stimulation and fun training, as I am always on the lookout for the next adventure. There is not much I will not take on!

I am also a very confident girl and I need owners that can set me ground rules for me from day one (I promise to do my best to listen to you!). I love other doggies and I am very sociable. BUT I love  having all the attention to myself and like my toys and food too much to share. Yes yes yes – I know its good to share, sharing is caring right? – It’s just I love my toys and food too much.So paws off please 🙂 Teeheehee – did I mention I was cheeky yet?! 🙂

I recently had surgery on my back leg 🙁 so my new owners will need to speak to a vet before taking me home. I would like to live out of town too. Here’s the deal – I’ll try to chase the odd jogger or cyclist! Teeheehee – gotta love the cyclists and joggers, especially when they try and run away from little ol’ me chasing them! It is a sight to behold! 🙂

I am very beautiful (check out my picture above people – I am a stunner!!), intelligent young girl with a bright future ahead. I cannot wait to play all sorts of games with my new owners – I promise you an adventure of a lifetime and a friend for life.

If you think you could give me a loving home, have your people get in touch with my people at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 0843 509 4444 and someone from the home will arrange a meeting. My reference number is 12/03216. See you really soon!



Olay 3 point Super Serum

Olay 3 point super serum

Name: Olay 3 Point Super Serum

Cost: £29.99

Where: Boots or online here

Start date of test: 20 June 2013

Testing in: Morning and Evening (morning under make-up)



*Read updated version with results here*

I was reading through the daily mail last week when something caught my eye. ‘The secret £10 wrinkle buster…’ I love reading articles like that – why? Because I’m a massive idiot and I believe everything I read in the papers. Clinically proven, tired and confirmed blah blah blah. That was one off the main reasons I started doing this review website – there was just so many things I bought that were tried and clinical that I have lost count how much money I’ve spent  – AND I didn’t see any difference Foolish? Perhaps. I’m working on it though – one unhealthy addiction at a time! 🙂

This time, I’m doing my OWN trial.  Yes, you head me. How? Well, yesterday evening, I popped to Harley Street to The London Dermatalogy Centre on Wimpole Street and got a 3D scan of my face using their VISIA 3D face mapping machine (See picture of results below) no surprise my biggest flaws were spots and wrinkles.  This machine tells you all the lies about your face you’ve been trying to hide with make up.  Oh yes – its a bitch to meet but it’s the only way I can scientifically prove if something works – and I have no hidden agenda (I’m not a journalist who might have been paid to write the article #justsaying)

Visis Results

Visia Results – the higher the number the better

And so, this morning, Ive started using the same cream that article advised, Olay’s 3-point Super Serum, which contains this super ingredient that apparently is common in many creams ‘Matrixyl’.  Read the article from the Daily Mail here. Apparently, the results were astonishingly good. The writer who tested it went fro 55/100 to 95/100 after 4 weeks. Impressed? I will be if I get results like that!

So – in four weeks time (unless I get a terrible reaction to it of course) – I’ll do an update on this and you can judge for yourself. Ive already booked in my Visia appointment! Wish me luck!


Clean and Clear Morning Burst Brightening Scrub – Update

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Brightening Scrub

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Brightening Scrub

Name : Clean and Clear Morning Burst Brightening Scrub

Start date of test: 8 June 2013

Cost: Usually £4.30 but Tesco has at offer at £3.00

Testing in: Morning before moisturizer and primer

Bought from: Tesco




Like Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub (updated review here) I had to stop using this too because I broke out into stupid pimples/milia/acne god-knows-what (again)  Like its sister scrub, this earns points for not drying out my skin even though I’ve used it daily.  This also earns more points because it smells lovely and the bursting beads contained within this product leaves my face baby smooth after I use it in the morning.

Another thing to note its this is the only exfoliator I own that is a shiny shimmery gold! 🙂

Alas, it was not to be and so I will unfortunately have to stop using these now. Read the original review here.

Have you tried this and it worked/didn’t work for you?

IMG_8759 (2000x1333) IMG_8772 (2000x1333)


P/S: YES – I can see whose wrinkles too.  Fret not – I currently have 2 wrinkle busting serums I am going to try – read about them in Testing 1,2,3.  Pray that one of them works, if not – Harley Street! (I joke I joke! ) 🙂