Monthly Archives: August 2013

Almost back from the dead

Right – I am almost back from the dead. Just. Firstly I have to apologize for not posting in over 2 weeks. No – I have not abandoned ship and no I am not dead (if I have then its pretty impressive that my ghost can type). I have been close to death for the past fortnight (ok – maybe not that close to death, but two weeks in bed not eating and drinking much is pree-ttyyy close in my opinion) I have been back and forth to two different hospitals, seen countless Dr’s and gobbled up heaps of pills. Don’t even get me started on the waiting time I’ve spent in the wards – it’ll make you weep.  Am I better? Of course not, but I’ll get there eventually.  It’s horrible being so ill and I don’t think I’ve ever slept so much in my entire life. I HATE hospitals. 🙁

The better half was away in New York (alright for some) for the first 3 days of my being ill, so that didn’t help.  He flew back to a very sick and grumpy wife whose main aim was to get up to pee and not much else. I must admit, he has done absolutely everything  these 2 weeks – I didn’t even know the man knew how to operate a washing machine (his hanging out skills are another thing altogether though).  He cooked for me, but I didn’t really eat much, and everything I ate just came straight back out anyway, so I practically lived on coke and fruits. Healthy much? I didn’t really care – as long as it stayed down.

I must admit – I’m not the best patient, nor the easiest to deal with, so I’m quite lucky he has the patience of a saint, though I was beginning to think that was running out last Friday when I refused to take anymore pills as I didn’t think they were working – they were, but I was just delirious. 🙁

Today was my first proper day back at work and truth be told – I probably should not have gone in, I was tired, in pain and grumpy. I made it through though and I hope that’s a sign of me getting (a little) bit better.  I envisioned the mountainous pile of emails that were waiting for me and decided I had to go in. I was also dangerously close to becoming a piece of my bed if I stayed home any longer and didn’t fancy being part of the furniture.

A couple of weeks ago, I applied for a ‘blogging assignment’ for Brita and was so pleased when I got it! Unfortunately, it could not come at a worse time and I had to put it off until I felt fit enough to try and cook again – I mean, I don’t even know what my kitchen looks like anymore?!  I will try and do a recipe from a designated booklet I received from Brita, the lovely Lisa Faulkner is working in association with Brita’s new campaign ‘Cooking is better with Brita’ and so I will be using one of her recipes provided. Look out for that post really soon (unless I die or something horrible like that).

I also have some new make-up to try – that’s right, I’m going mineral baby – so look out for that post too. Gosh, I have so much to do, that I have to get to 100% soon! So, if you see a post that begins with ‘&38y 5hk&^(# sdijljt’, that means I’m still not all well yet. Haha 🙂

Speak soon lovelies,