Monthly Archives: April 2014

She’s here

photo 1

Ok – this is a bit belated but you can understand. Ive been a bit busy. With a little daughter. That’s right. I popped on Wednesday 2 April at 221am after being in labour for about 3 days. I had to be induced as the better half was leaving for an overseas trip that following Saturday and induction could take anywhere up to 3 days. We couldn’t risk it and so we decided it was time.

So she’s a little girl and she’s perfect in every way. She’s got a lovely dark head of hair and massive big brown eyes – just like her mummy. She’s got a busy schedule, on the cards today; drink some milk from mummy’s boobs, have a poo, laugh while mummy cleans it, have a wee (after mummy just changed her of course) and sleep. Busy busy busy.

photo 2

My body is still a little battered and bruised – but I’ll get over it (I better do – this flab is just not attractive and don’t even get me started on the hyper-pigmentation). At the moment, my body is still re-adjusting to the timings and have transformed to what I can only be described and a glorified night owl.  Its hard work – I won’t lie, but it can be quite fun too. Especially when she smiles after she farts on me. Nice.

Right, I am off to try and sleep for a little bit now, no doubt she will wake up and cry as soon as I lie down, but a girls gotta try and get some sleep sometime!