About this site

About this website:  This website was started in 2011 and yes, it has taken ages to put everything together because (1) I am terribly unorganised (2) I thought learning Dreamweaver from scratch was a great idea and it took me over 2 years to realise I am not ever going to get the hang of it (3) I keep buying new things, and so the old products get pushed further down the line.  What started out as an only-review cosmetic website has now blossomed into a daily blog, cook/bake book, face and body product review, restaurant review, and all things dog related website – it’s a little all over the place, but it does sum me up perfectly – one big ol’ MESS! 🙂

Reviews:  All reviews are written by me, and are written with an unbiased opinion. What works for me might not work for you, as everyone’s skin is different.

Products: All bought by me (no wonder I’m always broke!) and some are given to me as gifts from friends and family – these will be clearly stated from the start.  You might notice some of the products have review dates and some don’t.  This is because the newer products I have incorporated into the daily blog which have automatic dates,  whereas the older products, as there are so many, I have just put in a standard date 01.01.2013 (these were reviewed when I was still messing around with Dreamweaver)

Cosmetics: Yes yes yes, I know. I have a lot of these. It’s crazy and my mother always says ‘why does someone with such a small face need so much make-up?!’  Using make-up makes me feel pretty and I love that it can transform a plain face like mine to something a little more presentable.  Some of these I buy again – most of it I give away if I feel I wouldn’t use it again and would be a waste to keep them.

Face and Body products: I have a host of annoying skin problems – pimples, milia and acne to name a few.  So, I’m always on the lookout for something that can permanently get rid of these, so far, a few products have helped, though none permanently.  All face products (washes, scrubs, creams etc) are tried out for an initial two weeks (If I have no adverse reaction to them) and then if I really notice a difference, a month.  Sometimes, I might come back to a product if I have a sudden reaction to is (due to other circumstances such as trying on too many things at once) You can find new products in testing if you click on the tab ‘test’. Usually when I’m dont testing out a product, I’ll update that post.

Restaurant Reviews: We LOVE eating, and every month, we do our best to try at least one new restaurant.  All meals are paid for by us, and (most times) thoroughly enjoy ourselves trying these new places.   We do try and incorporate and replicate things we eat at these lovely places at home, notice I say try.

Cooking/Baking: I love baking, though I’m not so good at cooking, here you will find recipes that we have tried and tested, most of the times altered as well.

Doggy-Do: My dogs are my life.  We have no children (yet) and so these two mischievous babies fill up most of my time. In Doggy-Do, to you will find home-made recipes, a day in the life of various dogs we meet along the way, walks at various parks, and hotels we will have stayed at that are dog friendly. Show some love to your pooches people – all thy want is a scratched belly and some treats! 🙂

The better half: The better part of me, my husband.  The one person who has been able to put up with my neurotic ways, understands my ‘isms’ and laughs at my freakishly odd behaviour.  The one person I believe who was put on this earth solely to help maintain my sanity so the outside would may be fooled by my (somewhat) normal-ish exterior.

Baby C: Our daughter, the cutest (biased much?!)  little wriggly worm on the planet. I fired her out 2 April 2014 after almost 3 days in labour (yes, she’s as stubborn as her father, refused to come out!) She was over 2 weeks late but I love her all the same and she completes our little family of 5.  Best thing since sliced bread and Victoria Beckham dresses.

The babies: Two gorgeous little doggies who have been with me for the past 6 years, affectionately nicknamed Baby Gorgeous 1 and Baby Gorgeous 2.  BG1 is the boy – a grump and an half, he loves nothing more than to be lazy and punish us when we don’t take him out for walks on time by wee-ing on my shoes, he is as far from a dog as a dog can be, doesn’t like playing with dogs, only walks on pavements (grass is too dirty for him) and will not drink water that’s been left out for more than a day.  BG2 is a girl – sometimes a little anti-social with other dogs if they sniff around her too much, she’s a proper little doggy – loves chasing balls (she has a mean jump and catch), chases squirrels, gets dirty in the mud and loves nothing more than a good chase around.

The giraffe-legged sister AKA GLS: My little sister, the one who got all the legs in the family.  She often gets the products that I finish testing (and which I won’t use again). 7 years younger than me, and a bloody whole head taller. Urghh. NO FAIR.

Why most of the cosmetics are date-blogged on the 1st of January:  No I didn’t test all the products on one day – I’m not THAT crazy.  The very first website was done in Dreamweaver, but that got too complicated (I’m not very good at IT stuff or directions), so I had to switch over to WordPress.org – which had everything I needed and more.  Because WordPress is predominantly a blogging site, I had to put my dates in and so – all the old cosmetics I did before in Dreamweaver had to have a date (01.01.2013)

Pictures:  All taken by me or the better half using our Canon 600D. Some pictures might be taken on my iPhone as I don’t carry the camera around that often (I mean – do you know how heavy it is!?)

Symbols: Drawn by a very dear friend of mine who is a crazy-great-amazing artist. She currently lives in Australia, and yes, she is still drawing.  She should never stop really.

Competitions/ free givaways: All of the products I give away are either bought by me, or given to me from friends and family.  Competition winners will be chosen by random picker and rafflecopter will be used to host the competitions.

Test: This will be what I’m testing at the moment – usually face and body products. These will be tested initially for a 2 week period and if I don’t react crazily to them, then the full month. If the products says it takes more than 1 month to see results, then I will do the test for the duration the products states. Reviews will be backed up by pictures and evidence of the product working/failing miserably.

Sponsored posts: Occasionally, I am lucky enough to be trusted by certain companies to try out their products and blog about them. These will be clearly stated from the start and due recognition to the companies given. These products will be tested and given my honest unbiased opinion to all my readers.