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Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon review

IMG_1653 (1000x667)

What: Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow in Golden Quartz and Black Diamonds

Where: Charlotte Tilbury online here or Selfridges

How much: £19.00

I bought these (along with a lipstick and lipgloss of course) back in December last year when we did our annual Christmas Shop. I was looking for an intense gold eyeshadow for Christmas mass as I had seen Christina Aguilera use a similar one on the auditions of The Voice USA. I am a sucker for all things sparkly and shiny so these fit right into my makeup drawer(s) 🙂

IMG_1656 (1000x667)

Black Diamonds

I bought two colours; Golden Quartz and Black Diamonds.  This easy to use eyeshadow is intensely creamy and comes in a easy to use stick – no more faffing around with eyeshadow powders that annoyingly leave speckled bits of eyeshadow on your perfect foundation-ed face (perhaps its just me that forgets to put a tissue under my eye when applying eyeshadow to catch the loose bits?!)

IMG_1645 (1000x667)

Charlotte Tilbury kindly tells you which of her eyeshadow colours to pick to match your eyes – but me being me, took no notice and picked out the ones for blue eyes and hazel eyes – I have brown eyes but I really loved these colours so bought them anyway 🙂 Its 10-hour long-wearing and waterproof – I used them overnight and this morning there were still on – fresh as a daisy. I also splashed some water on my eyes to try out the waterproof-ness of it and yes – it still stayed on – so tick for intense colour, tick for waterproof colour and a big tick for longevity.

IMG_1650 (1000x667)

There are 8 colours to choose from so not the widest range ever, but I’m certain you would find a colour you like, no matter what your eye -colour. I also love that its a pencil applicator – so much easier to apply when you are on the go – every tried to apply powder eyeshadow on the train? Its a freakin’ disaster! *laughs at self knowing how many times i’ve attempted it and looked ridiculous after* 🙂 Another thing worth mentioning is that its easy to remove too – I used a tiny bit of cream cleanser and it wiped straight off – impressive seeing as how it had such staying power. Oh, and it didn’t leave behind glittery residue which I find in some glittery eyeshadows do. *annoying grin ON*:)

IMG_1658 (1000x667)

Check out the eyeshadow pictures below, doesn’t it look shiny and glittery! The eyeshadow is synthetically infused with sapphire to give it that extra glittery-oopmh and provides a smooth, soft-focus finish.

IMG_1848 (1000x667)

IMG_1864 (1000x667)

I would recommend these if your looking for intense long-wearing colour that’s waterproof – they’re really a great find! 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait to try their lipstick and lipgloss now!! Wa-hooooo!! 🙂 🙂

Toodles for now!


MAC LustreGlass Wonderstruck

IMG_2541 (1000x667)

MAC LustreGlass Wonderstruck

What: MAC LustreGlass Wonderstruck

How much: £13.00

Where : MAC counters, Online

IMG_2544 (1000x667) IMG_2545 (1000x667)

This syrup sweet cotton candy coral pink number is a lovely slight pink colour. Light, nearly translucent with lovely micro shimmer tones of gold. Another one of my favourites for spring/summer with a floaty summer dresses. I have once or twice used it on a night out over See Sheer lipstick to give my lips that extra shine and it works a treat too – great offset to dark eye shadows, really brings out the colour of this sweet lip gloss.

It adds a slight hint of glossy shimmer to dull lips (like mine!) Another great thing about this lip-gloss is a little goes a long way – I sometimes find MAC lip-glosses a little too thick and sticky so less is definitely more. 🙂

Get it here online if you can’t pop by a counter.





Do you like Wonderstruck too?

Dior Addict Lip Glow review

IMG_2398 (1000x667)

Who: Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

What: A revolutionary made-to-measure lip balm that enhances the lips’ natural colour

Where: Dior Counters Nationwide, Boots Online Here

How much: £23.50

OK – now I’ve seen it all. Dior has come up with a one-of-a-kind lip balm that actually interacts with your lips chemistry before deciding to release its own colour ingredient for your very own personalised colour. I mean, its like the sorting hat from Harry Potter, only its for your lips!

IMG_2400 (1000x667)

This lipbalm has a lovely smell to it too – smells like peppermint! I suspect the wild mango and luffa cylindrica*, which is infused in this handy little balm are there to keep your lippies soft and supple, mousturizing it throughout your busy day. I mean, this is perfect if you want very minimal colour – after using this, I noticed my lips were almost instantly plumped and were oh-so-rosy. Check out my before and after pictures;





You will notice my lips were not as dull as before – it perfect for a quick run to the park or grocery shopping BUT also so versatile if you want to pair it with dark eyeshadow for a night out on the town – I personally think its a little too light for me for a night out (I’m more a slutty red lipstick kinda chick for nights out) but I think its great if I want an understated look while strolling through the park with the babies – at least I’ll look presentable enough and not scare away the other people (un-brushed hair, panda eyes and dull lips make for a scary picture don’t you think?!)

At £23.50 – is not cheap, but this is Dior so I expected it to be pricey – I got this for Christmas last year and I was having a pretty rough time with the pregnancy and so splashed out a little.

Would I buy this again? I doubt unless there’s a deal on 🙂 – while I love the whole rosy lips look, I reckon Vaseline Rosy Lips (look at the picture below for comparisons, left picture is Dior and right is Vaseline) would do just about the same and costs an arm and a leg cheaper – £2.18. Can you say BARGAIN?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

IMG_2408 (1000x667) VS IMG_2441 (1000x667)

Rich dudes – get Dior Addict Lip Glow here

Not so rich dudes like me – get Vaseline Rosy Lips here

What say you people? Yae or Nae?

Toodles for now,


*Luffa Cylindrica seed oil is used in mineral based makeup to give a softer and smoother appearance

*point to note: my lips felt very soft, supple and kissable all throughout the day while I had the Dior balm on! 🙂

Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Cream Review

Ole Henriksen CC Cream

Ole Henriksen CC Cream

What: Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Cream

Where: Online at Feel Unique

How much: £29.00

I’ve been wanting to try out Ole Henriksen for a while now – it is a staple among my fellow lovely bloggers but their range is so extensive that I just simply didn’t know where to start.  Lately I’ve also read tons on the new CC Cream craze. I mean, I’m just getting over the whole BB cream and thee CC’s have already come out. I mean, maybe after I finish writing this post, the DD cream might be out – who knows?

Anyway, back to my CC cream dilemma. There are TONS of them out there. I mean, every major cosmetic brand has one out. Were to start? God alone knows, so I googled ‘best CC’s creams’ and what do you know, Ole Henriksen was in the list among some other familiar brands. AHA! this was the perfect opportunity to get my little grubby hands on owning an Ole Henriksen product, and try out a CC cream at the same time – winner!

Enter Ole Henriksen’s Perfect truth CC crème – a makeup hybrid supercharged multi-tasker that’s designed to brighten, protect and perfect all in one simple step. I mean, creams are sure getting hardworking – before you had to use 2, even 3 creams to brighten, protect and perfect, well, now you don’t have to anymore, Ole Henriksen has kindly combined it all in one snazzy tube for your convenience – how very kind of them right?! 🙂

The product smells of lovely oranges – I don’t know what it is, but I recently tested out Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup line and their primer smelled of oranges too! I used the cream in the colour medium which was perfect – blended in really well. The cream itself doesn’t feel too heavy and covers up most of my imperfections – its buildable coverage so you can use more if you need it. It was very easy to come off too – and, didn’t break me out in spots (always a good sign). Its suitable for all skin types too – mines a mixture of oily t-zone and very dry cheeks.

IMG_1629 (1000x667)

Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Cream

Thrown in for good measure is SPF 30 – handy if its a hot day like today – its flippin’ 29deg indoors!!  There are a host of other good stuff (did I mention anti-aging too – I mean now I’ve hit 30 it’s all about the anti-aging people!) that went into making this wonder-serum – here are a few that’s listed on their website.

Key ingredients/ benefits:

  • 5 sources of Vitamin C brightens, boosts collagen, firms and provides antioxidant defense:
  • Tripeptide-5 rebuilds and strengthens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Ferulic acid provides antioxidant protection and environmental defense
  • Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramides nourish and replenish moisture
  • Light reflecting pigments provide sheer light to medium coverage and instant luminosity

Instantly PERFECTS:

  • illuminates with light-reflecting pigments
  • diffuses flaws and sheer illuminating coverage
  • nourishes with Sodium Hyaluronate + Ceramides
  • protects with Broad Spectrum SPF 30
Over time CORRECTS:
  • brightens, fades dark spots with 5 sources of vitamin C
  • reduces redness and calms with green tea extract
  • minimizes lines with Tripeptide-5
  • prevents free radical damage with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant

If you want to read the full write up, you can do so here – there’s loads more on there!

I think this CC cream has to be the hardest working cream on the block – going by the amount of things its doing to help your skin!

Would I buy it again – yes. Let me tell you why.  It feels alot lighter than normal foundation (while managing to provided the same coverage), it smells alot nicer than foundation (hello orange fields of gold!) and it doesn’t have that heavy make-up feeling you sometimes get. The only off putting thing is I guess the price, at £29.00 its one of the more expensive CC creams out there on the market, HOWEVER, yes, there is a big HOWEVER – if you weigh how much more your getting from the product – I mean, think about it – you don’t have to shell out for a brightener, no need for concealer and no need for sunblock – you’re saving a ton of ££kerching-ching££ right there dude! Check out my before and after pictures below – sorry about the light exposure on the second picture – camera went a little wonky. As you can see – my skin is quite alot smoother in the second picture.

IMG_1628 (667x1000)


IMG_1636 (667x1000)


I’m an Ole Henriksen convert. Though it’ll be a while before I get anything else from their range – I have to save up first!

Do you love/loathe Ole Henriksen? Have you tried their CC crème? Or perhaps you have other products of theirs that are simply cannot-live-without-must-haves? Let me know in the comments section below – sharing is caring lovelies! 🙂

Later alligators,


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Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up Review

IMG_1502 (1000x667)

What: Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up Starter Kit

Where: Online here, Various Nationwide Retailers here

How much: £39.95 rrp

So recently I’ve had this thing about mineral make-up. Its the whole new rage – lets skin breathe, better for the overall well-being of the skin, longer wearing power, water-resistant (hello to looking glamorous when you get out of the pool!) and free of chemicals. As most of you will know, I’ve had troublesome skin since my teenage years and nothing I’ve tried has proven to be a long-lasting cure. Pregnancy has however, helped my skin a little (instead of having the 10-odd pesky spots at any one time I have 2-5 now hooray!!)

I bought a couple of other mineral foundations last year (MAC and Bare Minerals) but have yet to test them out as yet – partly because while being pregnant I became a hermit and stayed indoors all day, and now I have my beautiful baby C, I still stay indoors all day (irrational fears of kidnapping, falling out of her pram, just disappearing into the Bermuda triangle etc)

This year, I’ve had the amazing opportunity receive two different mineral foundations to test out and blog about (one of which is up-and-coming brand Lily-Lolo – review here)  and this post is about the other brand, Jane Iredale.

IMG_1503 (1000x667)

Truth be told – I’ve never actually heard about Jane Iredale – its not sold in your average department store nor will you find it at your local Boots counter. Nope – its quite a specialty make-up brand and is sold in various locations – they have a few in Harley Street and Wimpole Street but you can search online here – just enter your postcode and the geo-locater will search your nearest Jane Iredale make-up stockist. Right – onto the product. Sorry for my babbling – we’re getting there! 🙂

I was sent the starter kit which retails for £39.95 which I think is a perfect little kit if you are just starting out on your mineral make-up journey. Its got just the right essentials to get you on your way. Included are; Multi-tasking Amazing Base and PurePressed Base, Smooth Affair luminizing primer, Pommisst Hydration Spray and finally a Mini Powder Brush.

Smooth Affair primer and Pommisst Hydration spray

Smooth Affair primer and Pommisst Hydration spray

First I dabbed a tiny amount of Smooth Affair Primer all over my face. The smell of this cream is SIMPLY TO DIE FOR. Its like I died and ended up in a field of the sweetest smelling oranges.  I swear, you have to smell it to believe it.  It quickly went to work and didn’t feel sticky at all (I hate how some primers make me feel like one big sticky mess before I even put on my make up!) Its a hard-working cream that nourishes and prepares your skin while brightening and moisturizing it, so really its an all-in-one. Did I mention it smells divine yet? 🙂

Pressed and Loose Base mineral powder with a mini powder brush

Pressed and Loose Base mineral powder with a mini powder brush

Then I applied the Multi-tasking Amazing Base powder all over my face with the mini brush in a circular motion (I find this eliminates harsh make-up lines and blurs in the foundation into your skin nicely) This powder is very light and easy to put on, with buildable coverage too which is always important (eliminates the need for concealers)  There is also no fragrance to the powder, so for those who are sensitive to harsh-smelling powders, this will work a treat.  After that, I lightly applied the pure PurePressed Base all over to give it a semi-matte look.  After that, a quick spritz of the Pommisst Hydration Spray to set the minerals in AND to give my skin a dose of healthy anti-ageing botanicals (have you known a harder working spray? Setting my make up AND helping me look young? WINNER!!) 🙂

The Verdict? The powder instantly gives you a smooth flawless look without making your skin feel heavy. The powder absorbs like a second skin (even the better half couldn’t tell I had make-up on) which is perfect and exactly what you want! The coverage is buildable so you really don’t need much, and you certainly don’t need any concealer. Removing it is easy enough with any cream-cleanser and I managed to keep the make-up on without having to re-apply for half a day, which is an amazing feat. My usual oily zones stayed oil-free too hooray!! Check out my before and after pictures below;





It is also worth mentioning that Jane Iredale products are certified cruelty-free by PETA which is so so so great – me being a huge animal lover and all that.  Their mineral foundations have also earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation and provide four important functions in one; foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skincare benefits. Jane Iredale have really done their homework and in my opinion a brilliant offering to the cosmetic market. They have conducted extensive tests that are not required for cosmetic manufacturers and because of this – they have come up with a top notch offering that’s kind to your face in today’s harsh environment.

Would I buy it? Most definitely. And I would also recommend it to anyone with especially problematic skin like mine. I would also say to make sure you visit a distributor so you can get the exact match to your skin colour. Mis-matched foundation is just a big no-no 🙂

Have you tried Jane Iredale’s line? Are you a fan too? I would love to hear from you!

Toodles for now,


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Dior Show Iconic Overcurl Review


IMG_1446 (1000x667)

What: DIORSHOW Iconic Overcurl

Where: Boots, Boots Online, Dior Counters nationwide

How much: £24.50

Now, this is a long overdue post. I actually bought a host of Dior cosmetics in the run up to Christmas last year but due To me being ill and pregnant and feeling incredibly unattractive and in whale-like proportions, I didn’t get round to trying this out till today.

This is actually my second Christian Dior mascara – my very first one was the Dior Show Backstage mascara (which I ran out of a while back). This newbie on the block is a little different in a few ways, for starters, the wand is curved to hug your lashes for maximum application and minimum effort. Its also a ton easier to remove (Dior show backstage mascara was a real bitch to remove)

curved wand

curved wand

OK, the good stuff first; I do like the shiny sliver packaging – kind of reminds me of a shiny silver bullet 🙂 I like that the wand is curved and it actually reaches my lashes from one end to the other perfectly – that means less work for me! I love how easy it is to come off – i’ve had my  fair share of rub-your-eyes-red-raw mascara types! I am very impressed it doesn’t clump even after 15 swipes – not many mascaras can claim to do this.

IMG_1420 (1000x667)

Now the not so good; I’m not sure about the ‘overcurl’ as stated in its name – I mean, the curl didn’t exactly blow my mind. It took more than 15 applications to get a decent enough lash difference which in my opinion is quite alot. The price of it is enough  to make your eyes water (I bought it with my boots points so didn’t sting my wallet quite as much) Considering it would take you quite alot of applications to get your lashes to that oh-so-standout-look, I imagine that the product wouldn’t last as long as some others, plus, if you think about how much it costs, that’s alot of kerching ching ching! 🙂 🙂

Verdict? If you’re feeling rich – go for it, I mean, it’s flaws are not terrible ones (price, application) as some of the others I have had in the past. If you want something a little more budget friendly with the same oomph, try Maybelline Falsies Black Drama – review here.  Its got the same curved wand but a lot cheaper.





Rich folk buy the Dior Show Iconic Overcurl here.

Not so rich folk like me, try the maybelline falsies black drama here. (on amazon – for some reason I can’t find it online on

Have you tried Dior Show Iconic Overcurl? Did you like it/loathe it? Tell me all about it  – I would love to hear from you! 🙂


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Urban Decay lipgloss review

IMG_1289 (1000x667)

This was the lipgloss that I paired with my Urban Decay lipstick in Naked – review here.

Walk of Shame is a creamy light pink little number with light reflective sparkles that provide a sparkly shine. I tell you another thing I loved about this gloss – its lovely smell. It kind of has a minty smell that is unmistakable. Its quite a high-shine gloss too so less is more with this gloss.

IMG_1292 (1000x667)

I also love the snazzy packaging. Light rose gold encapsulates a power-punch of colour!

IMG_1298 (1000x667)




What’s great about this creamy lipstick is Naked Lip Gloss contains many ingredients that are good for your skin – like Hyaluronic Filling Spheres – these are the microspheres and are dehydrated for better penetration. These allow rapid and soft enhancement of lip volume (pouty lips here we come!) vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter to hydrate and condition lips (think kiss me quick lips!). Rosehip seed oil provides an extra hit of vitamins and antioxidants , including vitamin A and vitamin C.

urban decay lipgloss

I would definitely buy this again when I run out – this is such a no-nonsense colour that you could pair with anything. You don’t even have to buy the matching lipstick (I just have a buying addiction to make-up remember!?)

Have a look at the rest of the colours here if you fancy – they retail for £14.00 have 9 shades in all. Have you got a favourite?

Happy glossing lovelies!


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Urban Decay Lipstick Review

IMG_1274 (1000x667)

This Urban Decay lippie is one of my 3 items of Urban Decay items I picked up at John Lewis in Bluewater a while back. I have never had anything from the brand and truth be told, it was the friendly girl at the counter (who’s make up I thought was gorgeous) that convinced me that s I should pop my behind on her stool for her so she could try some of the great things Urban Decay had on offer (and who was I to refuse a quick make-over eh!?) 🙂

IMG_1275 (667x1000) urban decay

We tried out foundation, lipstick, lipgloss, blusher, bronzer and a some eyeshadow.  At the end of the quick session (we were rushing Bristol to see the better half’s grandmother so I really had to move my arse) I ended up buying the foundation, a lipstick and the matching lipgloss (surprise surprise!) And so, here it is – this review is about the lipstick, a lovely shade of pale pink aptly named ‘naked’. This is going to look perfect on lazy summer days where I don’t want to pile on the make-up but still want to look like I made (a bit) of an effort!

IMG_1291 (1000x667)

Its not got the largest range – only nine shades but they are gorgeous shades so I am sure you’re going to find one you like. Naked was my favourite colour out of the whole lot!

IMG_1284 (1000x667) IMG_1287 (1000x667)

Get it here from House of Fraser – it retails for £15.00.

Speak soon lovelies, toodles!


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Lily Lolo mineral foundation

IMG_1269 (1000x667)

Ok – before I review Lily Lolo’s mineral foundation I must admit something. I actually had a few samples of their mineral foundation sent to me late last year for me to test out. Unfortunately I fell so ill while being pregnant that I didn’t get round to writing the post (or any other post for that matter!).  Well – here it is (finally). The results are in and they are good people!

First of all – its ultra light and oh-so-easy to put on. It didn’t clog my pores (which I always have an issues with) and the best part about it? I didn’t break out into spots after (again, another little pesky issue i always having if i use the wrong foundation!). On top of that, it’s also SPF15 – an added bonus! For those of us who need a bit more coverage (thank you pimples and uneven skin tone!) the coverage is buildable (I didn’t even need to use concealer!) There a healthy range of shades so I am positive all skin tones will be catered for. If in doubt – mix it up like I did!

My perfect colour was a mixture of Warm Honey and Saffron and so you can be sure I will be getting those two again! Take a look at the before and after pictures below. You will notice my skin is smoother and also its covered my imperfections! I used quite a light layer so if I wanted more coverage I could have piled it on (I’m trying out the natural look eh!? )

Here is a link to their mineral foundation page – it retails for £13.49.

IMG_1259 (1000x667)


IMG_1263 (1000x667)


What’s everyone’s favourite Lily Lolo item? Any other items i should definitely try?! Come on people, sharing is caring! Leave your comments below. 🙂


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MAC Viva Glam II

IMG_1092 (667x1000)

OK – I haven’t done a make up post in well over a year.  Why? Because since Ive been pregnant and popped the little one out – there isnt much time to do much else. That didn’t mean that my insane need to keep buying makeup stopped. Oh no. It got worse especially over the Christmas period with all the sales. And so, today, I start the long journey of testing everything Ive accumulated over the last year. Oh yes – its going to be fun! First up – MAC Viva Glam II

IMG_1091 (1000x667)

MAC’s Viva Glam II is a muted pink-mauve shade with a hint of subtle shimmer. This is perfect for when you want to doll up with heavy eyes. Its naturally nude and perfect for daily use too. Its a satin finish so if you didn’t want to, there’s no real need for a gloss to go over.

Easy to go on and easy to come off – one of the best things about MAC lipsticks.  I would recommend a moisturizer for the lips as it can get a little dry as the day progresses. Thumbs up for this shade for sure!





P/S: the perfect liner to go with this lippie is MAC’s Soar.

MAC Soar

MAC Soar

IMG_1109 (1000x667)

MAC Soar lip liner

Here is the link if you want to buy the lipstick and the liner.