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MAC Kohl Eye Liner in Feline

MAC Kohl Eye Liner in Feline


Name: MAC Kohl Eye Liner in Feline

Price: £14.00

Where : MAC Counters, Online


The only eye liner that I keep buying again and again. MAC has hit a sure fire winner with this one. Over the past few years, I have learned a few fair things, namely; I have put on so much weight on my thighs that I cannot fit into my DVB’s anymore, and it took me ages to save up to buy a pair, I cannot do without thermal tights and ski socks all year round and the only eyeliner dark and long lasting enough is the one from MAC.

Anyway, back to the liner. This liner is dark, easy to put on , easy to come off. What more could a girl ask for (another dog perhaps dear husband of mine?!) It’s not as some cheap ones out there, but trust me, you want this one, you need this liner. Over the course of 8 hours, you still see the definition of the line. I mainly use it as an under-eye liner, as I’m more comfortable with liquid eye liner on my eyelid, but I have been known to use this particular kohl liner on my eyelid when I am rushed for time and cannot be bothered with the liquid one. I’ve tried other liners where you have to double up sometimes triple up on the line over and over again just to get that nice, dark, outline you want for your peepers. No such thing here. This one is a champion in its category.

Get it here online if you haven’t got a counter near you.

MAC Kohl Eye Liner in Feline