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MAC Liquid Eye Liner

MAC Liquid Eye Liner



Name: MAC Liquid Eye Liner

Price: £14.00

Where : MAC counters, MAC Online



Ok, the truth is I walked into the MAC shop to buy foundation and ended up buying foundation, eye liner, blusher and something else I’ve now forgotten about (probably didn’t need it in the first place!) Truth be told, I had run out of liquid eyeliner and wasn’t going into town anytime soon, and (gasp!) I just simply cannot go without eyeliner; it would be like wearing un-matching bra and knickers – totally unacceptable. Anyway, I trust MAC – I’ve been a fan for a very very very long while. I get the non-waterproof one, as I’ve always had issues with waterproof ones – something about my eyes being red tsk tsk very unfashionable tsk tsk. Anyhow, its smaller than I would have hoped for – oh well. Once again – you can’t actually see how much is in this – so very frustrating!

I try it out the very next day and first thing I notice is it’s not a brush tip, it’s quite rigid felt tip one and its one of those tips that’s meant to be very porous, soaking up as much black ink as it can to draw the perfect Amy W as humanly possible. The results? Well, they’re in and I am not impressed at all. Its porous hard tip struggled to contain as much ink as a brush could and the first line drawn is far from dark enough, prompting me to go over the already faint line, causing it to almost disappear altogether as the ink takes so long to dry, and therefore heaping more misery and annoyance on me (patience is not a virtue I was born with unfortunately) finally, after 4 lines (I had to wait in between the first few for it to dry before re-applying) I got the closest I could get to my normal eyeliner. Far from perfect but I guess we got there in the end.

To top it all off, my eyes itched all day and I developed a weird allergic reaction it (never has happened before, and I’ve tried a lot on my poor face, a work colleague said the same happened to her too – but we both could have just had extreme reactions) I think this one might not get a look in next time unfortunately – ill stick to my other MAC things, but definitely not their liquid eyeliner. Try it at you own risk my lovelies – I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

Get it here if you can’t pop down to a counter.

MAC Liquid Eyeliner