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Maybelline Master Smokey



Name: Maybelline Master Smokey

Price: £5.99

Where :Boots counters nationwide, online


I bought this on the rare occasion I found I had left my eyeliner at home (probably running late again) and realised I had a dinner to go to that night straight from work. I hopped on by to the very conveniently placed boots just downstairs and did a quick sweep of the khols on offer. This khol had just been launched and was being advertised heavily by Maybelline – it features 4 colours and a smudger one on end and a thick tipped khol on the other. I’ve never had something quite like it before, and just for that reason, decided to buy the ‘Master Smokey’ version –  Its like this khol pencil is shrouded in secrecy!

The khol itself is great for what its worth – its dark, quite rich and easy enough to put on. When used over the top eyelid (I usually only use khol for the bottom eyelid) its easy to glide on and the smudger is perfect to give the dark-grey-black smokey look, without having to use any eyeshadow. The only thing I would worry about if like me, you like your eyeline on your eyelid to be thin, is that this tip of this khol pencil is quite thick, so unless you’ve got a very steady hand or want a thick eyeline, smudging is the way forward people!

A tad hard to wipe off – though nothing eye make-up remover wont sort out. All in all – a good buy.

Get it here online if you can’t pop by the shop yourself.

Maybelline Master Smokey