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Bourjois Little Round Pot in Noir Emeraude

Bourjois Little Round Pot in Noir Emeraude

Bourjois Little Round Pot in Noir Emeraude

Name: Boujois Little Round Pot in Noir Emeraude

Price: £6.99

Where : Boots Counters Nationwide



I bought this Bourjois Little Round Pot in Noir Emeraude, as I didn’t have any green eye shadow and I have a really pretty gold dress at home I wanted to use. I caught sight of someone who paired green eye shadow with a gold top. I initially gasped at the vast difference in colour, but after staring at this poor girl who looked like she had done something so wrong that this stranger was eyeballing her for ages, I realized that the colours worked and didn’t clash as much as I thought they might, in fact, both played off each other so well. The green she had on, was a darkish, almost pale black.

The very next working day – I trotted down to MAC – after all, they have one of the biggest, if not the biggest collection of eye shadow shades I’ve ever seen. I was disappointed as none of the green floated my boat and didn’t really match the colour I had in my head. Off I went with a heavy heart – aha! Boots! My saving grace. Looked around a little bit when I found the perfect shade, Boujois Little Round Pot in Noir Emeraude. Roughly translated I think that means ‘Black Emerald’ – which is exactly what I was looking for, a glorious shade of dark green. When used on its own, it’s a much lighter version of itself and perfect for the day time BUT by night, dampen your brush with the tiniest bit of water and I mean tiniest, and watch this colour transform into the colour it was born to be. A rich, dark green shade with the smallest hints of green-gold glitter shimmer. Just Divine.

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Get it here online if you can’t pop down to the shop yourself.

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