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MAC Beauty Marked

MAC Beauty Marked

MAC Beauty Marked

Name: MAC Beauty Marked

Price: £12.00

Where : Mac Counters, MAC Online

Finish: Velvet



Beauty Marked is one of my favourite eyeshadow colours from MAC. An intensely bold black and red eye shadow colour, with a sprinkle of sparkle and oodles of attitude. I love how this eyeshadow stands out and can be worn with either pale lips to emphasize the gorgeous-ness of this little beauty, or with lashings of red lipstick to complete an ooh-so-sexy look. Either way, this one is a keeper – I’ve been beauty marked definitely!

Try MAC Sketch or MAC Twinks – if you want a toned don version of this.

P/S: Dampen your brush a tiny bit and apply – the sparkles really stand out!

Get it online here if you can’t pop down to a MAC counter.

MAC Beauty Marked     MAC Beauty Marked