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MAC Honey Lust

MAC Honey Lust

MAC Honey Lust

Name: MAC Honey Lust

Price: £12.00

Where : MAC Counters, MAC Online

Finish: Lustre



I bought MAC Honey Lust when I was going through my ‘I want to look natural’ phase. Off I trotted to the MAC store and out I came with MAC Honey Lust, a glittery golden-bronze number with a slight tint of sparkle to her and loads of glitter to give. I found this to look quite natural, but the specks of sparkle give this beauty an extra edge. I have one (tiny) issue with this shadow though, when I used it again at home for another occasion, I noticed that the glitter does fall quite a bit and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a face full of glitter – easily fixed by putting a tissue under your eyelid to catch the glitter, or, the way I use it, is I do my eyes first, then I wipe off any access glitter on my face with a cream cleanser then start putting on foundation.

A similar eyeshadow is Maybelline’s Iced Fudge which is a whole lot cheaper.

Get it online here if you can’t pop down to a MAC counter.

MAC Honey Lust     MAC Honey Lust