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MAC Romp

MAC Romp

MAC Romp

Name: MAC Romp Eyeshadow

Price: £12.00

Where : MAC Counters, MAC Online

Finish: Frost



MAC Romp is an eyeshadow that is a rich, shimmery brown tone infused with a tiny bit of gold sparkle. Smooth to glide on and the outcome is a warm brown hue that looks luscious on the eyelids. The colour itself is quite outstanding on its own, so I didn’t try the magic dab-your-brush-in-a-little-water to bring out the oomph that’s sometimes a little shy to emerge. This is my favourite brown colour of all time and my default go to colour when I’m not sure what eye shadow to use – best part about it? Can be used in the day time and will not look out of place for a night out either. Brilliant!

A similiar but more expensive version of this is Burberry Midnight Brown.  A cheaper version of this is L’Oreal Brown Lame.

Get it online here if you can’t pop down to a MAC counter.

MAC Romp     MAC Romp