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MAC Shale

MAC Shale

MAC Shale

Name: MAC Shale Eyeshadow

Price: £12.00

Where : MAC Counters, MAC Online

Finish: Satin



This was a colour I am slowing growing to learn to love – I bought it first as I love the light plum colour against my skin tone, it stood out without being too loud. And I loved that it was a colour that I would not ordinarily pick out from a line up with both eyes open. When I got back however, off began my love-hate relationship with this colour At first, it didn’t look right on me and I felt I stood out like a pale grape (literally) but then another time, it looked almost pretty and demure, and worked well witha black dress I had on. Then there was the dilemma of figuring out which lip stick/gloss to go with it. Most times I settle on MAC lipstick in See Sheer or No17’s mirror shine lipstick in Belle. Both are light pink based as I think nude washes the colour out and reds are too bright for this subtle colour. What about my feelings for it now you ask? Im stuck in the middle at the moment – tried it on last night and couldn’t decide. Bleah!

Get it online here if you can’t pop down to a MAC counter.

MAC Shale MAC Shale