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Barry M Toffee

Barry M Toffee

Barry M Toffee



Name: Barry M Toffee

Price: £4.49

Where : Boots Counters Nationwide, Barry M Online




My first Barry M product. My GLS asked me to go online and get her an eyeshadow from this brand. Hand on heart, I must admit, when I first say this brand in boots, I thought it looked a little teenager-ry, so I gave it a miss . When I went on the website, The first thing I saw was the model, and she had the most glossy, nude coloured gloss on her. Unfortunately, they did not specify what colour she had on, so I called their head office to ask – extreme for a lipgloss I know, but to the make-up junkies out there, totally acceptable. They were very nice and told me the colour – 02 in Toffee.

The next morning I hot-footed down to Boots and bought two colours. I just cannot get enough of it and its smell. It is just simply divine – if I am being honest the first time I tried it on, I tasted a little, it actually smells of toffee!! Alas, it didn’t taste of toffee, but the colour that comes from this magical tube is lovely, its a light brown almost nude colour with a tiniest hint of shimmer. Its smooth, easy to glide on and not heavy. A definite winner all round.

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Get it here online if you can’t pop by the counter.

Barry M 02 lips (211x141) barry m 02