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Bourjois 3D Max

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Name: Bourjois 3D Max

Price: £7.69

Where : Boots counters nationwide

Bourjois 3D lipgloss, welcome to the space age – where even normal lip glosses won’t suffice anymore! This lipgloss from Bourjois is my only one from the French brand. I bought it because of two things; I was intrigued by ‘3 dimensional lip gloss’ I mean, what does that even mean?! Do you need special glasses to see them pop out at you?!) and the applicator. The applicator is the only one like it in the market – it’s a flat, plastic applicator. Novelty idea or strange idea you ask? Well, I for one love the gloss. It is ultra shiny (apparently 33% shinier than the average lip gloss) and has a soft shimmer to it – the plastic applicator, while strange to use at first, you get used to after a while – I’m not sure if it adds to the gloss, but I’m sure a brush applicator would have worked just as well – the lip gloss is amazing and would work with any applicator I reckon!

Get it here online if you can’t pop by a counter.

Bourjois 3D Max     boujois 3D