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Chanel 149 Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Nakkar

Chanel Nakkar



Name: Chanel 149 Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Nakkar

Price: £21.00

Where : Chanel Counters, Boots



My other Christmas present from my giraffe-legged baby sister (who has great taste in Christmas presents by the way). This beauty is a cross of mid-toned pink to a light red even, depending on how much you use if course. Within this gorgeous enclosure of pink-red toned gloss, it also boasts micro golden glitter. It is a sheer to semi sheer gloss, depending again on how much you use. In the light, you really do see the shimmer and this sun kissed colour is a must have for spring/summer. It’s easy to wear too and not sticky at all – believe me, I tried this out in Singapore where it’s a storming 32deg and this gloss survived it – still managed to look sparkly after 3 hours too. It’s quite pricey tough – then again, as are all Chanel things – wouldn’t be Chanel if it wasn’t pricey, but if you could, save some money for this range of gloss – it’s really worth it I promise.

Check out the other Chanel Lipgloss I own in Volupte here – a lovely shade of light pink if you think Nakkar is too dark for you,

Get it here online if you can’t pop by a counter.

Chanel Nakkar  Chanel Nakkar