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Revlon Sunbaked

Revlon Sunbaked

Revlon Sunbaked


Name: Revlon Colour Burst in Sunbaked

Price: £7.99

Where: Boots, Online



Revlon Sunbaked was bought for me by my  lovely colleague F.   One morning,  we both relised we didn’t have any eyeliner on and secretly hopped downstairs to boots to ‘try some’ on. Teeheehee. While we were there, we also decided to try on some lovely lipglosses, and this was one of the ones I tried on. I actually didn’t buy it, but F thought it looked great on me and later on in that week, this lipgloss magically appeared on my desk! Love her!

Revlon Sunbaked is a mid-toned muted pink colour, and looks really natural.  Best thing about this gloss is while it is creamy and rich, it leaves no stickiness at all. Its one of these colours that you can just about match to anything, and can throw on in an instant knowing you’re going to look good. Love love love this colour.

Get it here online if you can’t pop by the counter yourself.

Revlon Sunbaked     Revlon Sunbaked