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Ripped Jeans


ripped jeans 1 ripped jeans 2 ripped jeans 3

OK – I get it. Ripped jeans are back in fashion. Everyone is wearing a pair and of course, Ive jumped on the bandwagon. I mean, my mummy said to me yesterday ‘I don’t understand why you’re paying money for jeans that have less material. Plus someone tore bits of it off?!’ Trust my mummy to state the obvious eh? Like it or loathe it, ripped jeans are back firmly in the driving seat and it is travelling fast.

ripped jeans 5 ripped jeans 4 ripped 6

I mean, seven for all mankind are selling this ripped beauty called Cristen Destroyed Tiwi Indigo for £225 pounds, but I spy with my little eye that they might be having a sale now, so they are on at 50% off costing £112.50 here, which is still, lets face it, as mummy puts it ‘alot for jeans with less material and have bits torn out’. Whistles also do a pair of black ripped skinny jeans for £85.00 here. For the more budget friendly version – I went to my trusted go to supplier – ASOS. These are the ones I got (see picture below). They cost a budget-friendly £35.00 too! 🙂 Pardon the thunder thighs – I’m working on getting those down with the 30 day shred.

IMG_1454 (667x1000) IMG_1455 (667x1000) IMG_1456 (667x1000)

They have a host of different kinds of quite affordable ripped jeans if you’re interested here. What’s great about ASOS is if you were feeling flush and wanted a more expensive pair – they stock up on those too. See these Ralph Lauren ones which have been discounted from £110.00 to £77.00 and Current Elliot skinny jeans which have been discounted from £250.00 to £175.00.  If you didn’t really fancy ripped jeans, but wanted the same ripped effect anyway, why not try these ripped jeggings from ASOS? It costs a lovely £32.00 and you still get that ripped jeans effect without the annoying zip and button that never does up. Win-Win for all! 🙂

Do you like skinny jeans? Have you got a great find? Share it with me! 🙂

P/S: Fancy winning a Clinique 3-Step system? Enter here!

Speak later alligator! :)


P/S: I’m not affiliated with ASOS in anyway, its just I get most of my stuff from there – I mean, you pretty much get everything you could possible want on there for an affordable price. 🙂

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Interviewing Luis Suarez

This is what I would imagine me interviewing Luis Suarez would be like. That’s right – its fictional. You didn’t think he would give me the time of day did you (mind you – I don’t fancy being bitten today anyway) . The most talked about footballer *at the moment* The man who’s got the whole world talking about his teeth. That’s right people. Introducing Mr Luis Suarez – father, footballer, biter, shark-enthusiast.

Kimmy: So Mr Suarez, here we are, in this lovely hotel conference room, sitting down and chatting.  What a rollercoaster of emotions you must be going through. Uruguay in – you’re out. How are you feeling.

Luis Suarez: Well, yeah, it’s not like I have somewhere to be anyway – i got loads of time now those horrible bad bastar*s at FIFA banned me because they *think* I bit Chiellini. I mean. ME! BITING SOMEONE! Imagine that! Pfttt. How insulting. I earn a jillion billion nillion dollars with Liverpool as it is – do you not think I can afford a curry? I don’t like pasta all the time!

Kimmy: But Mr Suarez – with all due respect, we do have evidence. Fifa HAVE finally shelled out for technology that lets us see the most minuscule blade of grass. We’ve seen the video. We’ve see the teethmarks. We’ve seen it ALL.

Luis Suarez: Look lady, its Chiellini who purposely jumped up onto my teeth. Not the other way around. He is the guilty one. I should be suing him for damage to my precious teeth. Ban him for a billion million jillion matches, just like they have banned me! He’s not even a great fool-ball player, like I am! I mean, who does he even play for?!

Kimmy: But Mr Suarez, I don’t think the evidence is lying… We’ve seen the…

Luis Suarez: Look, before I take a bite out of you – I didn’t do it! I’ve been framed! Its FIFA – they are all so jealous that the thought of Uruguay winning the world cup scares them, that they have made me out to be this shark called Jaws (what is that – like a movie? I’ve never seen it, I’m a footballer, not a movie watch-er-rer)  going around biting people. Lies. ALL LIES! They just don’t want me playing in the team, its a big conspiracy I tell you, A BIG CONSPIRACY! *at this point you can see Mr Suarez’s vein throbbing on his forehead through sheer anger* 🙂

*Luis Suarez then gets up, and flings his chair at the wall thug-style while I duck and cover my arms in case he bites me, all while yelling ‘Don’t bite me, I’m not Italian!!’ *

Luis Suarez: Enough of this crap- you are just one of them jaws-haters. I’m leaving now. For a bite to eat. Good Bye!

The interview concludes with me hiding under the table (and covering my dear arms) and Mr Suarez storming out – to get a bite to eat.

The End. 😉

See what boredom does to you – it makes you think of make-believe interviews! Who would you love to interview?


Blogs do’s and dont’s

So, Ive been writing this blog for a while now but took almost a year off last year while I was sick (pregnancy and all that). Ive only really started getting back into it a month or so ago. I’m pretty much a newbie to it all and still figuring out my ‘meta tags’ from my ‘categories’. Today I found out that some reviews I posted online at a review website had a pretty nasty backlash. Basically I did a no-no – I posted a snippet of what I thought of the product, then included a link back to my website for the full review. ‘A sly review to get more visitors to her website through the link’, ‘if you’re not going to post a full review don’t bother at all!’ – and those were the nice ones. Of course, I updated the reviews with an apology and promptly deleted my account (cue worrying about what people thought about me the rest of the morning) And so, this post is about a blogs do’s and dont’s, according to what i’ve learned so far. Hopefully through reading this you don’t make the same mistakes I do!

Don’t publish part reviews on other review sites and include a link back to your site unless you want nasty comments like I had.

Do optimise SEO on your site and use social media to get your post/blog as out there as possible – certain twitters retweet your post to their followers garnering a larger audience for your tweet and ultimately your post/blog.

Don’t copy someone else’s blog layout – someone, somewhere will pick up on this and once again – you might get nasty comments and/or be accused of not being original.

Do look though word-presses vast array of themes – there are literally hundreds to choose from and modify as you wish. Alternatively, if you really wanted a custom site, you could look at getting someone professional to do one for you, this will cost money though so unless you’re prepared to shell out – I say have a look at the many themes available!

Don’t copy content. Again, its going to come back and bite you squarely in the arse. Write your own or don’t write at all.

Do be genuine and truthful with your reviews. Not everything you try can be great, awesome, cant live without. Being truthful will get you loads more people following you, people respect and appreciate truthful dudes and that is the truth people.

Don’t use someone else’s pictures. Take your own – even if its just with a camera phone (mind you, these days camera phones are really good!) you don’t need the latest Canon SLR to capture pictures. Just make sure they’re your own.

Do ask for permission if you simply must use someone else’s picture’s. Failing to do so might infringe copyright laws and that’s a tricky road you don’t want to tread down

Don’t try to trick Google to get you higher up the ranks by linking your website to everything and anything. Google have become increasingly aggressive in seeking and punish those who do. And believe me, you don’t want Google to penalise you – this would spell bad things for your site.

Do put up genuine links to other sites which are only relevant to what you write about. This way you also reach out to like-minded bloggers and vice-versa, a win-win situation for all!

Don’t just pay money to another blog to advertise with them. Do your research on the blog you want to advertise with – how many hits do they get a day? Do they write about the same things you write? Are they like-minded? Will their audience be the same sort of audience you want to target? There’s no point to advertise your make-up review blog site on a baking blog site (even if the baking site got a billion jillion hits a day!) 🙂

Do consider (if you have the spare money to splash out of course) advertising with a like-minded blog, but do be sure that they get loads of visitors a day/month in order to optimise the value of you placing an advert of your blog with them. Ive done this before with a similar blog site and I can testify that you do get more traffic. However, if you don’t have the spare money, despair not – optimising your site’s SEO will eventually get you more traffic, it will just take a little longer.

Right – those are all I can think of for now. Perhaps I will do and Blogs do’s and dont’s as I go along, learning as a I blog! Ok, I’m off to check up on the baby now, and drink a big cup of tea and eat a big packet of crisps – I deserve it I think!

If you have anything that you think should be a ‘do’ or a ‘don’t’ when it comes to blogging, I would love to hear from you! Please leave it in the comment section and ill include your name and blog in my next ‘blog’s do’s and dont’s’ post. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Toodles for now,


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Karen Millen Summer Sale

Ok. Here’s the deal. My wardrobe is seriously almost full of Karen Millen clothing. I don’t know how it got this way. Well no, I do know how it got this way – the crisp tailoring that flatters my odd body-shape, the gorgeous dresses that I can’t seem to get enough of, the affordability for such lovely clothes, and last but by no means the least – their awesome summer sales where things are 50% off! WINNER!! And so folks, its that time of the year again, amidst all the beer drinking for the world cup and the strawberries and cream devouring as Wimbledon starts, I have found time to look through the best bits of the annual Karen Millen Summer Sale and below are my top choices. And yes, if you must know – Ive already bought a couple of pieces. 😉

karen millen 1

Mesh Panel Vest £30

This was in my shopping cart until I realized how much I was spending and unfortunately this had to go. I love the mesh paneling at the top – its almost like its saying in going to sexily show you my shoulders, but I’m going to not let you have the satisfaction of seeing all of it.  Urghh – I wish I could have bought it!

karen millen 2

Zip front cotton skirt £55

This skirt I really wanted. Why? Because its so similar to the Victoria Beckham one that I could never ever afford. The only difference  is that the VB skirts zip is at the back, and this Karen Millen one is at the front. In the end, I decided if I couldn’t afford the VB one then I wasn’t going  to have any. Still – this skirt if lovely, perfect with boots, tights and a turtle neck top for winter.

karen millen 3

Embroidered and cutwork skirt in red £100

Embroidered skirt also available in brown here

This skirt I like because the laser cuts are so intricate and pretty. I do love this skirt, but I don’t go to enough posh places for me to justify spending 100 pounds on a skirt. Available in two colours, red and brown.

karen millen 4 karen millen 4.1

Cotton shirt with lace panel £85

Now this shirt I had to have. I am in love with the lace panel back – I’m going to team this GORGEOUS top with jeans but I reckon it is going to look stunning with a knee length skirt too. I am too excited waiting for this to arrive!!

karen millen 5

Signature jersey blazer £130

This was my other purchase (pray the other half does not find out I have bought yet ANOTHER jacket!) I like that there are leather panels on this blazer and I’ll tell you one other thing about it – I know that this jacket will fit me beautifully. Karen Millen cutting is just brilliant! This jacket is so versatile you could use it with anything – well anything but a gown though (that would just look weird)!

karen millen 6

Tulip print A-line dress £110

If this dress was a little cheaper it would have been my third purchase – I love how summery it looks and I am totally digging the whole a-line cut. Fun, flirty and such a summer look and feel to it. Urghhh – I must stop looking or else I fear the credit card might just have to make an appearance.

Right, well those are my favourites out of the sale, and of course I wish I could buy them all  –  alas, my bank account will not stretch that far 🙁 … Still I am so happy with my two purchases and can’t wait for Pat the postman!

Have you seen anything you like in the sale?


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Lake District Part 7


IMG_0711 (600x400)

BG1 didn’t want to go and so I had to pick him up naughty puppy!


Alas – our last day at the Lakes! We packed out bags with a heavy heart and drove up to stickle tarn in the hopes to conquer her! Little did we know – it would take at least 2 hours in the blazing hot sun!

IMG_0714 (600x400)

We arrived about 35 minutes later – to be honest, we didn’t get to see much of the surrounding areas (having said that, everywhere looks pretty much the same – pretty beautiful, mountainous and green).  Stickle Tarn is located in Langdale Pikes.

IMG_0716 (600x400)

The first things that greeted us were these sheep.  Now – the babies are not used to seeing sheep in the city and I’m sure the sheep would not appreciate being chased around by one fast little dog and a slower more pudgy dog with floppy ears.  We had them on the leads the whole time – while I am 100% positive they just wanted to make friends, they better half said that all he could see was lamb dinner in their eyes. 🙂 Yikes!

IMG_0729 (600x400)

And so we began our walking – two doggies and one GLS in tow. 🙂

IMG_0724 (600x400)

Quite early on, we saw this beautiful mini waterfall – now forgive me, but I’ve never seen a real waterfall before – my country is so small that we don’t get waterfalls, we have a man-made one though, but nothing compares to the real deal.

IMG_0741 (600x400)

We stopped for a while to let the babies have a drink of the water – I tried some too and it tasted of….. water! Surprise!

IMG_0748 (600x400)

Then we sat down and took it all in. We needed the rest – I didn’t know how bloody long we had to climb up after!

IMG_0757 (600x400)

And so we climbed……..

IMG_0765 (600x400)

and we climbed some more… some parts were really steep and the poor babies legs were so little so we carried them. 🙂

IMG_0734 (600x400)

and we climbed even more …. when was it going to end!!!! It was blazing hot too! 🙁

IMG_0776 (600x400)

Along the way, BG2 got side tracked by this cute little sheep. Ok, maybe she did want to eat it, but I would rather think my babies are nice and friendly and just wanted to say hello, how you doing sort of thing – yes, see how I’ve got her on a tight lead there! 🙂 I trust her one billion-jillion-fillion percent.

IMG_0788 (600x400)

And the we reached the top and look at this beautiful scene before you! The water – crystal clean, the view, just beautiful. Worth the 2 hours? I think so! Yes – along we way we lost the GLS – she was too lazy to walk up the whole way, so we left her down below with this little guy;

IMG_0838 (600x400)

GLS’s new friend – Mr Sheep

IMG_0791 (600x400)

Then I decided to jump into the Tarn with the babies – hey I climbed this thing for 2 hours, the least I could do was dip my feet into it!

IMG_0811 (600x400)

The view from the tarn – from another angle.

IMG_0830 (600x400)

That’s a picture of us looking down – in total, we had climbed up 1500 feet. Everest – HERE WE COME! 🙂

IMG_0819 (600x400)

down we go

Then it was time to see if the GLS and her new friend Mr Sheep were getting on.  The journey back down was much quicker – we did it in about half an hour. I also had two mini sleigh dogs pulling me so perhaps that helped a lot! Handy things those two little babies – not just good-lookers eh!

IMG_0832 (600x400)

Can you spot the GLS clambering along to get down – yup, the goon went and used a skirt to climb the tarn! What a muppet! Hahahahaha. 🙂

IMG_0730 (600x400)

There were not many people going down with us, so we had a free run down.

IMG_0710 (600x400)

Then BG2 decided she was too hot and decided to camouflage herself in the long grass. Spot the doggy!

IMG_0703 (600x400)

And that was it – our time in the Lake District came to an end – this was the last picture we too. I felt sad we were leaving, but then I realised – we could always come back, anytime. The lakes would have us back for sure.  So, till next time I guess – thanks for the great memories!

Kimmy, The better-half, GLS, BG1 and BG2X




Lake District Part 6

IMG_0630 (600x400)

we saw this shop as soon as we got into Hawkshead

And so, after our day at Ambleside-Keswick-Derwent Water, we made our way back to our hotel, did a quick clothes change and we were outta there like a bat out of hell. OK – I’m sorry for that reference, but Meatloaf is playing in my head at the moment. 🙂

We were off to Hawkshead – another town in the Lake District steeped in history. I was muchos excited. Why? Not only were we going to visit another part of this lovely part of the world, but we were going to take the car atop a ferry to take us there! OK – I know this  might sound silly – but coming from Asia, we are such a tiny country that there isn’t a ferry to take us and our car anywhere!

IMG_0566 (600x400)

It was not that pricey to hitch a ride on the Mallard considering there were 3 of us and a car!

IMG_0602 (600x400)

IMG_0604 (600x400)

There is a history behind this ferry but the words from the picture are so tiny – you might need to either be an ant or have a magnifying glass handy to read it – and so, I’ll type it out!

IMG_0603 (600x400)

About the Windermere Ferry

The Windermere Ferry has been operating for more than 500 years. The original craft were rowed across the lake, later ferries were steam driven and the most recent ones have had diesel engines. The current ferry ‘Mallard’ is the largest so far; a modern craft which carries up to 18 cars and over 100 passengers.

The ferry takes people, vehicles, horses and cycles across the lake, reducing traffic on the surrounding narrow roads and easing congestion and pollution. It also links the busy eastern shore of the lake and the peaceful countryside between Windermere and Coniston on the west, where there are many attractions and facilities for walking, riding and cycling.

In the summer months there is a minibus service between Ferry House and Hawkshead, calling at Beatrix Potter’s Hilltop House. The ferry offers the opportunity to leave the car behind, cross the lake on foot and catch the bus, relaxing all the while and enjoying the scenery while someone else does all the work.

IMG_0571 (600x400)

A view from the boat – as the sun was going down. We got off the ferry and then drove into Hawkshead!

IMG_0570 (600x400)

I tried to zoom in as much as I could from the ferry so you could see Hawkshead – if you squint a little you might be able to see it! 🙂 🙂

IMG_0626 (600x400)

So we arrived at Hawkshead after driving for about 15 minutes – now bearing in mind we had no idea where to eat, nor where exactly we were, this was going to be a very interesting evening.

IMG_0632 (600x400)

Saw this while walking aimlessly looking for a place to have dinner – reminded me of a hobbits house in Lord of The Rings and also our house back home – we have tons of ivy growing on the sides of our house and in our garden on our trellises  – I don’t like it as it looks a little ‘jungle’ly’, but the better half says it gives our house that extra ‘Je ne sais quoi’.

IMG_0636 (600x400)

Hawkshead is a very pretty little town with lovely houses adorned with all sorts of colourful flowers.  It reminds me of Rome a little – small roads, little nooks and crannies and delightful little shops making selling various produce.

IMG_0637 (600x400)

Loved these hanging baskets – reminds me of ours back home. Flowers just make everything look that much prettier and makes everyone happy!

IMG_0638 (600x400)

After walking around for a while we settled on this quaint little country pub – The Queens Head.

IMG_0633 (600x400)

I love country pubs like these – they are so informal and serve the best food, with the more charming people.  In the winter, they normally have a log fire going. Most of these pubs also double up as a bed and breakfast.

IMG_0634 (600x400)

IMG_0657 (600x400)

GLS had scallops and risotto for dinner – which was the special of the day. I really like scallops and its so hard to cook them right – we’ve tried it one and still have yet to get the hang of it. To be honest, I preferred her dinner to mine. 🙁

IMG_0655 (600x400)

I had the lamb on a bed of mash potatoes. The lamb was cooked well-done and rather crispy and hard on the outside unfortunately.  I did however, love the bed of mash potatoes – seasoned and creamed perfectly. I also had some leek which was brilliant – love a bit of leek!

IMG_0661 (600x400)

The better half had duck – which was average.  I’m not a big fan of duck unless its crispy duck with plum sauce – I just feel that chunks of duck tastes odd. He said the duck was a little dry and a little overcooked and after trying some myself agreed with him. Duck always has to be a little pink on the inside and this time it wasn’t unfortunately. 🙁

IMG_0639 (600x400)

After dinner, it was still light and we noticed this sign at the corner of the road that led up to a secret wishing well. MY FAVOURITE!

IMG_0664 (600x400)

Yes – I made 3 wishes. Hopefully they come true! 🙂

Ok – I’m off to watch TV now – there is an old-school vampire movie on and I’m a sucker for those no matter how bad they are hahaha :).  I will write about our last day in Lake District tomorrow, where we climbed Stickle Ghyll, past Dungeon Ghyll Forced Waterfall up to Stickle Tarn – whew! Mouthful or what?!

Bye for now lovelies!


Lake District Part 5

IMG_0279 (600x400)

Day three of our Lake District hoo-haa holiday saw us go to back to Ambleside to visit the famous house on a bridge.  Yes – really. There is a house built atop a bridge.

IMG_0257 (600x400)

House on a bridge?!

Then we drove along the coast and stopped for ice cream – we then saw this gorgeous little pap who was poorly 🙁 she was so brave though! Her ears were a little droopy due to her liver not being right and the medication she was on. 🙁 We hope she gets better soon!

IMG_0262 (600x400)

And then we hopped into the car en-route to Keswick! Along the way, we passed a few lakes and of course, jumped out of the car to take some happy snaps.  The first lake we came across was Grasmere Lake.

IMG_0287 (600x400)

trying to peer into the house across the lake?! Haha.

Then we hopped into the car (this was becoming a habit!!) and continued our journey onto Keswick – not before stopping at Thirlmere Lake. Once again – the views – just breathtakingly gorgeous. I run the risk of sounding ignorant, but I didn’t know England had such beautiful places (note to self – perhaps getting off your fat bum and visiting somewhere other than London might help!?)

IMG_0298 (600x400)

We saw the ruins of what looked to be a medieval castle along the way too – no idea what the name was though – there was no place to stop along the road and we didn’t fancy being road kill. 🙂

IMG_0309 (600x400)

Alas – here we were! Keswick that is. Its a lovely little town with small off roads and markets lining the street.  We managed to buy a real sheepskin rug for not very much money.

IMG_0301 (600x400)

And a picture of the market where we bought our goods. They had everything, from finger puppets, to flowers, to food and life sized bear replicas. Yes – you heard me right – life sized bear replicas. I don’t know why – but they did. 🙂

IMG_0300 (600x400)

The REAL reason we were in Keswick was actually for the better half.  He had read somewhere that there was a brilliant tourist attraction in the form of a ‘place’. Not just any ‘place’ though. A puzzling one. That’s right – the Puzzling Place located in the heart of Keswick.  Only he could find something like that exciting. Hahaha. 🙂

IMG_0306 (600x400)

It costs £3.75 for an adult ticket and £2.90 for a child.  They also do family prices – Family (2+2) costs £11.75 and children under 5 enter free! I initially thought this was going to be more for children and so I did not expect too much of the place.  As you enter, the top floor is a shop that’s free of charge and here you can buy various puzzle bits for you to try out.

IMG_0358 (600x400)

Yet MORE evidence that the GLS inherited all the legs in the family. Grrrrrrr *angry face ON*. So , once you get into the main puzzling place, there were tons of other puzzles we took our hand at trying – we were having so much fun – we didn’t take too many snaps unfortunately – oh well, you will just have to pay Keswick a visit! 🙂

That was Keswick – we hopped into the car and then off we went to Derwent Water for a walk along the coast!

IMG_0366 (600x400)

This is starting to get repetitive guys – but the scenery. Oh wow. There isn’t much I can describe in words that would give it the justification it deserves. Words have not been invented for how beautiful this place is yet.

IMG_0398 (600x400)

Why not hitch a ride atop the better half express eh! For some reason I thought I would be able to see ‘more’ this way.  Then for fun’s sake, I hitched a ride on the GLS’s back too. When in the Lake District eh!

IMG_0406 (600x400)

The we walked along the coast – there was some green – but not too much. It was quiet and serene.  Think beautiful and peaceful, then times by a million-jillion-fillion. 🙂

IMG_0429 (600x400)

More beautiful pictures of the lake below.

IMG_0408 (600x400)

just so beautiful

And then the better half was tired from walking, so he decided to sleep. On a rock. As you do of course. Me and the GLS were pulling silly faces at the camera but I wont be posting them on there – I look like a goon and the GLS looks like a clown (no change there then mum!) hahahaha. 🙂

IMG_0526 (600x400)

We walked back toward the car and made our way back to the hotel – where we would rest, feed the babies, then do a quick change around and off to Hawkshead for dinner!

Speak soon and happy Saturday lovelies!


Lake District Part 4

IMG_0186 (600x400)

After reaching back from Kendal to our hotel – we had a quick change and headed out to Ambleside to a Thai restaurant called Jintana – according to Trip Advisor, its ranked #7th out of 72 restaurants in Ambleside, which is not bad at all.  Read the various reviews here on Trip Advisor.

IMG_0189 (400x600) IMG_0187 (600x400)

They had lovely Thai statues that greeted you when you walked in.

IMG_0249 (600x400)

We got this special seat where your feet dangle down into a hidden hole that’s beneath the table! I like quirky things like this!

IMG_0195 (600x400)

We were given this as a pre-starter and, though we had no clue what we were eating – it tasted lovely. We asked them what it was and the chef said it was rice noodles mixed with tamarind paste (among other ‘secret’ ingredients) It was a lovely crunchy ball of sweet mess that for some reason all gelled together beautifully when it shouldn’t have.

IMG_0203 (600x400)

For starters, we all shared the Jintana Platter, which to me was perfect as you get a little bit of each of the starters they had on the menu. This way – you get to taste everything! Included are; Spring Rolls, King Prawn Blankets, Pork Sesame Toast and Sweet Corn Fritters.  Point to note, the Pork Sesame Toast is AMAZING. I know everyone likes the normal Prawn Sesame Toast, but the twist of Pork added to this makes for a truly extra scrumptious piece of prawn toast! Way to go on making a normally bland piece of prawn toast taste awesome! Who said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks eh?! 🙂 🙂

Served with this platter is also a sweet chilli dip and a sweet and sour plum sauce.

IMG_0202 (600x400)

The better half is a fan of Spicy Green Papaya Salad. I’m not too fussed about it – I could have it or not. I wouldn’t normally order it if I’m not with him, so it came as no surprise when he ordered this for the table. The taste was surprisingly tangy and zingy (more so than the ones we have had at other Thai restaurants) – with a hit of chilli that made my mouth burn – possibly one of the hottest papaya salads I’ve had!  If you’re a hot salad fan – I would recommend this. GLS liked it too (odd for her as she is a salad dodger!)

IMG_0217 (600x400)

I’m pretty boring when it comes to choosing my meal at any Thai restaurant – ok maybe boring is not the right word I’m looking for, more inquisitive.  We make thai green curry a lot at home and so I like to try thai green curries if I’m at a Thai restaurant (in fact, as I’m writing this post, I am eating thai green curry left-overs!) This particular dish was not as spicy as I would have liked it to be and a tad too creamy.  They get extra points for putting in a very generous amount of chicken and one thing I definitely will be taking away from this dish is the inclusion of bamboo to it – it really did make the dish taste sweeter and a whole lot crunchier!

IMG_0218 (600x400)

For my rice accompaniment, I had Thai Jasmine Rice steamed delicately with coconut milk.  The coconut milk just added a tiny amount of sweetness to the rice and gave it the most wonderful smell – it also taste’s divine.  I don’t know if I can replicate this at home – but I certainly will try.  Highly recommended dish!

IMG_0219 (600x400)

For his main, the better half had Thai Jungle Curry. As the name implies – its meant to be hot hot hot. This dish is made with no coconut milk so if you like hot dishes that’s not creamy – this is your winner.  The better half said it was not as spicy as he would have liked it to be (anyone wonders if we have odd taste buds?!), but again, generous amounts of chicken given.

IMG_0220 (600x400)

For his rice accompaniment, he had Thai Sticky Rice served in a traditional bamboo basket.  Be warned – it is a very very very sticky rice!

IMG_0216 (600x400)

The GLS had Pork Pad Thai, which is pork  served on rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts (she asked for this to be excluded – told you she was a salad dodger!!) tofu and cashew nuts, all stir fried in their special Pad Thai sauce.  I am not normally a fan of Pad Thai – its just noodles with vegetables and meat, but the sauce they used really made this dish interesting.  A must try if you are a noodle fan for sure.

IMG_0245 (600x400)

And finally dessert. I am a HUGE fan of this (mostly desserts in general but this has got to be my favourite IF made properly).  Fresh Thai mango served with vanilla ice cream and Pandan (tropical plant often used in south-east Asian cooking) sticky rice, with poured over coconut milk.  Now, the ones I have had were never this complicated – I’m used to just mango with sticky rice and coconut milk  – and that is divine.  In my opinion, they took a gorgeous simple Thai dessert and made it too complicated.  The ice cream felt like it had no place and was fighting for your taste buds to muscle out the coconut milk, the Pandan sticky rice was overly sweet and the inclusion of the strawberry just proved too much for me personally. I really wanted to like this dish as this is my favourite dessert – but alas, it was not to be.  Where they came out on top for giving a twist on the traditional Prawn Toast starter, they did not manage to come out on top for trying to give this simple mango dessert a twist with their added ingredients. Sad times folks 🙁

All in all – a really lovely restaurant that is a must to visit – if we ever came back here, there is no doubt in my mind we will return to this restaurant (yes, even though I think I might have to choose a different dessert!).  Service was fast and the staff very friendly.  Not expensive too and really tasty food.

Check out the restaurants website here.

Right – I am off for a shower.  The GLS has left and is homebound now, so I’m feeling a little sad and sorry for myself. To perk myself up – I shall treat myself to a whole bar of Kendal mint cake. 🙂

Speak soon my lovelies!


Lake District Part 3

IMG_0051 (600x400)

We travelled from Orrest Head to Kendal – where the REAL mint cake is from! Kendal is a really cool town, lots of nooks and crannies and hidden passageways with old-English  pharmacies and pubs – it does look like part of this town is stuck in old-England which in a strange way is really nice as I’ve never seen such old things before (coming from a country who is only 48 years old – you will forgive me if I think things made before 1984 is pretty old!)

IMG_0056 (600x400)

Look at this pharmacy, its unfortunately its not in use anymore, but I think it looks awesome!

IMG_0117 (600x400)  IMG_0116 (600x400)

More pictures of the pharmacy.

IMG_0127 (600x400)

I love that everything in Kendal has a little explanation of it – you could really learn a lot if you bothered to stop and read the little plaques.

IMG_0123 (600x400)

Dr Mannings Yard even has it’s own little drive for medication to be delivered! Now – how many places in London has this!!

IMG_0059 (600x400)

The better half says in the olden times, advertisements were not in billboards *shock horror* or plastered on busses and taxis.  Instead, they were spray painted directly onto the buildings.  This was not considered graffiti and we found this building which still had etchings of an old advertisement for a glass warehouse.

IMG_0075 (600x400)

Then we walked around and found the famous 1657 Chocolate House – never heard of it? Neither had we.  Still we walked in. Anything with the word ‘chocolate’ deserves a second (third, fourth) glance.

IMG_0100 (600x400) IMG_0102 (600x400)

Loads of chocolate to choose from, over 40 flavours!

IMG_0101 (600x400) IMG_0105 (600x400)

Then there was the chocolate made especially for me – in the shape of a shoe! Mine Mine Mine Mine 🙂

IMG_0078 (600x400) IMG_0089 (600x400)

It really was a chocolate obsessive’s dream this place, it even had an Aladdin’s cave inside the shop!

IMG_0068 (600x400)

We saw this old chap down one of the walk ways playing his violin.  We stopped for a minute to watch him as we carried on our walk through this lovely town.

IMG_0094 (600x400) IMG_0095 (400x600)

We came across this old-school butchers which sold everything from pigeon to mallard – this might be normal to some, but it isn’t with me!

IMG_0061 (600x400) IMG_0065 (600x400)

We also came across this old inn – established in 1654!?!?!?!? Very cool indeed! 🙂

IMG_0129 (600x400)

And then we were off back to the hotel, where we would quickly change and then make our way off to dinner into Ambleside where we were going to have a lovely Thai meal – will post that tomorrow. For now, I’m really tired as I’ve had a full day with the GLS shopping in Westfield Stratford and she leaves tomorrow, so I have to help her pack.

Night night lovelies. 🙂


P/S: Me, the better half, GLS, Meow and R went out for dinner tonight as a farewell to the GLS who leaves for home tomorrow.  We ended up at an Arabic restaurant which was AWESOME. Will post our experience that and dish my opinions on the restaurant when I get a minute. 🙂

PP/S: I have bought three different brands of Kendal Mint Cake and plan to do a post on the great mint cake taste off – watch out for that post!

Ok – I really have to sleep now. 🙂 🙂


Lake District Part 2

Day 2 of our hoo-haa holiday started with a cooked breakfast buffet – nothing special really, bit of bacon, bit of eggs bit of baked beans, that sort of thing.


After breakfast, we were off to our first walk in the lakes – Orrest Head!

IMG_9855 (600x400)

Its a windy path up  – but it truly is beautiful walking through the woods. After this visit – I am contemplating moving out of London where there is more green!

IMG_9870 (600x400)

IMG_9884 (600x400)

And then I thought bluebells had a smell to them – like roses did. Wrong!

IMG_9906 (600x400)

Oh my God – was it hot – scorching and climbing up was tiresome!

IMG_9878 (600x400)

I am so surprised the dogs managed – afterall, they only have little legs!

IMG_9909 (600x400)

The views you get on the way up – none like I’ve seen before.

IMG_9911 (600x400)

And that was the view from the top – when we finally got there!! It took us about 1.5 hours to get up there – but then again, we had the babies with us, and then there was the crazy picture taking etc etc.

IMG_9928 (600x400)

On the way back down, GLS found a sheep she thought she could pat.

IMG_9956 (600x400)

And so, she proceeded it to try and bribe it with some grass/flower. I stayed well away. There is no way I’m risking my life by being chased by a goat through an open field in the lake district. Can you imagine? ‘Asian girl gets chased by a goat, town folk laugh at her insane running as she tries to escape’ Yeah – no chance. If anyone was going to be chased – it was GLS.

IMG_9958 (600x400)

Unfortunately, the sheep didn’t really fancy her flower/grass and ran away. Hahahaha. 🙂

IMG_9960 (600x400)

Then, on the way back down, we saw the biggest bull you will ever see in your life! I mean, this guy was the daddy of bulls. He was so big that as he grazed, his feet actually sunk in the ground!

IMG_9963 (600x400)

After heading down, we found this little pathway – we thought it was quite cool.

IMG_0025 (600x400)

And so we made our way out of Orrest Head and we were off to Kendal!! Mmmmm – mint cake, here I come! Will write a post on Kendal tomorrow – there are way too many pictures I want to share!

IMG_0044 (600x400)