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Covets: Celine Luggage Bag

Celine Luggage Bag

Celine Luggage Bag




Name: Luggage in Natural Linen and Black Calfskin

How much?!?! : £1450 for the mini luggage (size 3)

Where: Celine boutiques @ Harvey Nichols, Harrods or Selfridges





I love the khaki colours on this bag – and I love that it has black outlines too – I know I said that I was going to stay away from black this year as I have wayyyy too much black in my wardrobes, but this bag while having a little bit of black, is predominately khaki coloured.

Its sold out at the moment, but Selfridges (whom I called) get deliveries everyday, although they did say that they are not sure of what colours they get from each delivery – its like a lucky dip really!  I really really love the Celine Phantom too – those cost way more though, the medium starts at £1750 and the large starts at £1900 (*gasp choke gasp cough*)

I couldn’t possibly buy this bag this year even if I wanted to – I’m hoping to do the kitchen and the bathrooms this year and my bonus would not stretch thatttt far! So, for now, this will have to say firmly in my ‘thou shalt not covet’.  Sigh – when will my lottery numbers come up!

Do you love this bag too?


Celine Boston Bags

celine1 celine2

Right now, I am debating with myself. Do I, spend less on clothes, shoes, other random stuff and save my pennies so I can afford to buy this gorgeous Celine Boston Bag at the end of the year, or go without, and risk seething with jealousy everytime some perfect girl with longer legs, perfect skin and beautiful hair walks past with one of these. I don’t even know how much these cost, I’m too afraid to look! I have seen the beige one and cannot decide which one I like the best – mind you, I still don’t now if I want it badly enough to forgo other things that I want to buy to review. Continue reading

Chloé dress and Christian Louboutin Triboclou shoes

chloe (194x259)

Urghh. I wish my numbers came up in the lottery – buying these would be straight after donating money to various animal charities, buying my folks a new home, and then paying all my relatives mortgages. After my charitable giving, it’s only fair that I get to splash out on this outfit for myself no? Alas, even if I had the money, I wonder if I would actually buy these – they are crazy expensive. I wouldn’t dare go out of the house in case random women try to strip me of the dress and shoes – leaving me almost stark naked with (possibly) mis-matched VS knickers and a very embarrassed mother.

Continue reading

Sweetpea and Willow Classical White Taupe Silk Bed

Sweetpea and Willow

Sweetpea and Willow

I love this classical Sweetpea & Willow white bed – its so elegant and screams to be looked at. At £2395.00 for the Super King size – I nearly had a mini heart attack – BUT I do think the bed is exquisite. The better half thinks its pretty, but he is also a realist and knows (as do I of course) that there is nothing wrong with our bed and this is quite a big expense. Why oh why does he always have to be so darn sensible! Continue reading

Alexander McQueen

Oh God. Alexander McQueen. Enough said. Burton’s spring/summer pre-looks for McQueen are enough to make me want to starve myself for however many months it takes in order for me to afford this look. Ive chosen; The staple black dress with a gorgeous to die for belt – its got just the right amount of sexy with a deep v-neck front (how will I wear a bra though?!?!)  a lovely gold dragonfly ring with just the right amount of gold to match my belt, a stunning knucklebox clutch adorned with apple and hummingbird motif (for some reason I think this looks quite oriental) and a bright orange pair of orange suede armadillo sandals – giving it the right amount of contrast from the dress to stand out from any crowd. Crowd pleaser? I think so. A.McQueen will be proud.

A girl can only dream!

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen LBD


Get the lovely little black dress here

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen ring


Get the dragonfly ring here

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen clutch


Get the bag here

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen shoes


Get the gorgeous pair of shoes here

See anything you like?

Happy Shopping lovelies!!