Benefit Erase Paste

Benefit Erase Paste

Erase Away!


Name: Benefit Erase Paste

Price: £19.50

Where: Benefit Counters Nationwide, Online


Getting up at 650am is not ideal when you only got 2 hours of sleep. Then I had to contend with the ice (at last count, I almost slipped over 4 times hooray!)  Nevertheless, I dragged myself out of bed – slapped some colour on my face and piled on the concealer for my panda eyes. I haven’t been sleeping so well since the better half got into the accident, but that’s purely because I can hear how uncomfortable he is when he sleeps so I stay up to watch him (like a stalker) to make sure he is as comfortable as he can be.  Panda eyes, as I call them are not very sexy at all, oh no, so recently concealer has been my best friend and I’ve got a really good one from Benefit – Erase Paste. Comes in a cute little tiny pink pot and this is only my second concealer I own. The people at work would not appreciate me coming into work looking like someone boxed me twice I don’t think.

The first thing you realise about this concealer is a little goes a LONG way. And by that I mean very little. I made the mistake of using the little spatula that came with it, put a big dollop on the back of my palm and patted away – never again as I was patting for what seemed like 10 minutes and at the end of it, I ended up looking for other blemishes to use up the concealer I had taken out. This concealer was specific for dark circles, Benefit have other concealers for a range of cover-ups here but I didn’t get any of those. At 19.50 – its one of the more expensive concealers I own.

The concealer itself is very very good – when used at the right amount, covers up any signs of dark circles to the best of its ability – I mean its not a miracle worker and it does not make your dark circles disappear completely – but it does a pretty mean job!

Get it here online if you can’t pop by the shop.

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