Benefit They’re Real

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Name: Benefit’s They’re Real

Price: £19.50

Where : Benefit counters, Online



I am having an affair with this mascara – period. My current favourite mascara and possibly the best one I own – I bought this beauty in Paris during the Easter bank holiday weekend 2012. I had forgotten to bring a mascara (shock horror!) and so decided to try an altogether different brand. Priced at £20 (give or take with the exchange rate), this was one of the pricier ones, but the promises we’re immense – claiming that a few swipes of this magic wand would trick your friend that you had fakes on was more than enough for me. The packaging is more attractive than some of the ones I own (bar the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill and Yves Saint Laurent Shocking ones of course) – it’s shiny dark gunpowder silver colour with a splash of orange to emphasize the ‘REAL!’ part.

The tube is a lot smaller that all my other ones, but its fatter, so the implication is you’re almost getting the same amount, plus it’s easier to fit in your already too small clutch. The brush is plastic, so it’s quite rigid which I like, as its easier to comb out the clumps (should there be any) and its quite a big brush. The mascara itself is very good – one of the best ones I’ve tried definitely.

It took less than 10 applications to achieve more than better lashes for work, coated nicely and the lashes appeared think and definitely longer, also no clumping even after so many applications which is a bonus! Would I mistake them for fakes? Probably not – but I reckon if I had continued applying, then potentially it could look like fakes, I just didn’t have the time this morning! The price is a little steep definitely, but well worth it if you are planning on upgrading your high street mascara – this is your girl you want in your handbag – she is the one you NEED!

It is no wonder that this mascara is the UK’s No 1 best selling mascara.  Worth the pennies I promise – you really cannot go wrong with this mascara – and yes, They ARE real!!

Get it here online if you can’t pop by the counter.

P/S: For a cheaper alternative that is still quite good, try Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara – review here.

They're Real mascara

One thought on “Benefit They’re Real

  1. Cath

    Here’s to Kimmy and her fun, zinging, glam but down to earth reviews.
    Actually, I’m going to spend some quality time with her make up wisdom, which is immense, before I give my own cosmetic bag a much needed make over. I could spend ages on her pages now, but hot damn! I have to get to work and should go to bed. Still, it earns me the dosh to get some of this kit. Keep it coming….we need ya girl! xx


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