Burberry Russet Blush

Burberry Russet Blush

Burberry Russet Blush



Name: Burberry Russet Blush Blusher

Price: £29

Where : Burberry, Harrods


The ‘posh makeup’ brand as I call them (I own a eye shadow from them too, review here), Burberry’s Russet Blush blusher is a red toned base colour with hints of brown, subtle hints of shimmer. Its quite a warm colour and is very easy to glide on.

This blusher is packed in a heavy gun metal casing (POW!) and is quite heavy to carry (perhaps that justifies its hefty price tag?!)

The signature check pattern that we have all come to associate with this British fashion power house adorns the compact and the powder. Would I buy again? No I don’t think so, its mega expensive, so unless my lottery numbers come out….. 🙁  I would have to be feeling mega rich to justify buying another one of this, I think the MAC ones are just as good, with a wider range (and my purse will thank me after that!!)

Rich girls, get it here online if you can’t pop down to the store to get it.

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