Bourjois Volume Clubbing Blackjack

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Name: Bourjois Volume Clubbing Blackjack

Price: £7.99

Where : Boots counters nationwide, Online



When I wrote the last review on the latest mascara to come from the volume clubbing range, Bourjois Volume Clubbing Extreme Volume (I said I wouldn’t be buying that one again as I was not impressed too much) I mentioned that the next mascara to come out of the range should be different – better, bolder, the best of the lot. Looks like they heard me. The Volume Clubbing range from Bourjois has done well – and the latest entry, Volume Clubbing Blackjack is no exception – better if I may be so bold.

The same volumous double-sided brush makes an appearance yet again, while the waterproof formula makes sure it stays on until you tell it to. Apparently, this formula is also infused with light reflecting particles of gold (I didn’t notice any though). After quite a few swipes of the brush, like its predecessors, is clump free. Amazing volume and length, but what stands out for me is the volume more than anything. This is definitely the best out of the three I own. Its easy to come off, which was the problem with the first two and definitely has more plump and length when applied. Well done Bourjois! I would definitely re-buy this one.

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Bourjois Clubbing Blackjack Mascara

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