Bourjois Volume Clubbing


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Name: Bourjois Volume Clubbing

Price: £7.99

Where : Boots counters nationwide, Online



I used to use this years ago, but stopped as discovering so many others – I never had a problem with it and it did the job, I vividly remember being quite content with it, which is why it baffles me as to why I stopped buying it, the only thing I remember is me having to (sometimes but rarely) having to comb out the lashes as there were a few clumps here and there. A month ago, a work colleague (thank you C) came into work with the most amazing, thick, longest lashes I had seen a while, and believe me, I look at EVERYONES lashes. For a split second, I thought she had fake ones on, but alas, there weren’t! My next thought was how much she actually had to put on the get that sort of effect, I mean, would I be out of mascara within the week? And did she take ages applying them – I mean its bad enough most of my makeup routine is spent on my eyes as it is (liquid eyeliner is so fussy sometimes, and one eye almost never matches to the other!) I asked her which mascara she was using and she said it’s the ‘new’ one form Bourjis, called volume clubbing. Immediately I thought they had come up with a different version of it.

Anyway, during lunch, off to boots I skipped, and lo and behold, it looked exactly like the packaging I was used to before! I gingerly opened it (the tester of course!) and expected to see a different brush (or a rabbit pop out of the tube, either way both would have been fine) but it was the same brush too! Intrigued, I bought it (of course) and, as the routine goes, tried it on the next morning. The mascara was very thick, without being clumpy. Some mascaras are long and thin, without being very visible (to each his own of course).

Personally I think thick full lashes dramatically make your eyes look wider, bigger and out there – sometimes you don’t need to use eyeliner even! It takes just a few strokes to achieve quite dramatic lashes, so this mascara wins the award for the ‘quickest to reach crazy thick eyelashes!’ Its not the easiest to come off though, takes quite a few rubs and I was left looking with two slightly red eyes after. The perfect mascara would incorporate being cheap, gives you volume and length and is a dream to take off, sadly ladies, that does not exist – yet. This mascara is brilliant though and gives you volume and length, for now, this will have to do! I would definitely recommend this.

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Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara

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