Christian Dior Capture Total

Christian Dior Capture Total

Christian Dior Capture Total


Name: Christian Dior Capture Total

Price: £62.00

Where : Christian Dior counters, Boots, Online

Coverage: Light to medium




When I went home last December for Christmas, I decided o snoop in GLS’s room (well, half mine technically – just cause I got married does not mean I relinquish my ownership of that room!) anyway, the usual suspects, MAC, Shu Uemera, Bobbi Brown – halt!!!! What is that I spy at the corner of my eye?! Christian Dior??!! Anyway, she is a tad lighter skin toned than me, for some reason, me living in the almost sunless London causes me to tan faster than her living in the ever blazing heat of Singapore. Anyway, she catches me snooping and promptly jumps on me, almost toppling me over onto the family dog, who by now is privy that I might fall on him and so has darted out of the way (while growling). Anyway, I say my peace and convince her to let me try this new foundation, but the issue is, the skin tone just didn’t look right and so I decided to get my own.

A few days later, I was the proud owner of my second luxury brand makeup foundation, my first was Armani of course. This one boasted full coverage while giving your face a high definition perfection, coupled with anti-ageing ingredients. This pricey beauty will set you back £62 in the UK – but as I bought it from overseas and the exchange rate was beneficial to me, I paid a lot less than £62 – Jesus Christ if I paid full price for that, I would be crazy! I bought the foundation in the right colour for my skin, the lady behind the counter took a painfully long time to explain to me why I should buy the Capture Totale over their Dior Skin Forever, which was a lot cheaper! Anyway, the selling point for me was full coverage, as I have a pretty bad burn on my face (IPL gone wrong) and from various pimples that have left scars. Anyhow, this foundation, for all its full coverage boasting, did not do as well as I expected and for the hefty price-tag, I (rightfully so) expected a lot. It didn’t cover any of my scars, and it didn’t stay on for very long. Patchy in places too.

Disappointingreally, which is a shame, coming from a brand that I have loved for so many years. Might work for you – not for me though my lovelies. 🙁

Get it here online should you not be able to pop down to the counter.


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