Christian Dior Celebrity Red

Christian Dior Celebrity Red



Name: Christian Dior Celebrity Red

Price: £22.50

Where : Christian Dior counters, Online



Ah, the gorgeous red of Christian Dior. The aptly named Christian Dior Celebrity Red, implying only celebrities use them? Ermmm, I think not as I use this baby quite often, and I assure you I am no celebrity, just a wife with two gorgeous dogs, one gorgeous husband and an unhealthy hobby of buying make-up in my quest to look half decent for the rest of the world to see.

Surprisingly, I found this lipstick to be a touch too dry for me, so when using this baby, I usually have to use a lip primer and a swipe of red gloss MAC Venetian (review here) just to make sure it does not dry out – don;t worry, Venetian is not a heavy red gloss, so you won’t be taking anything away form the lipstick herself. Otherwise, if you don’t want the gloss, its a rich, bright, lovely shade of red that is almost certainly red-carpet ready!

Get it here online if you can’t pop on down to the shop.

Christian Dior Celebrity Red  Christian Dior Celebrity Red


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