Make Up Forever Full Cover

Make Up Forever Full Cover

Make Up Forever Full Cover

Name : Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer

Price: £22.50 – £23.15

Where: Online, Precious about Make-up, Guru emporium

I bought this while on holiday in Asia at Sephora as I had forgotten my Benefit Erase Paste, and the panda eyes were showing a wee bit too much for my liking. This heavy duty concealer Is waterproof and provides full cover – spots, wrinkles and panda eyes all-inclusive! The coverage is really really good – and after 8 hours, my panda eyes were still not visible – a sure-sign bonus!

You only have to use a tiny dab of it on your brush (I use my fingers as you get a smoother finish with this) and coverage lasts more than 8 hours. It’s very creamy too and for the non-fragrance lovers out there among us, you will be pleased to hear that this baby is fragrance-free. What I really like about this is that its Non-Comedogenic – this means its non-blocking to your skin, so hooray – no additional acne! Another great thing about this is that it is ok to use even of you have sensitive skin.

It’s not cheap and terribly hard to find here in the UK – as are all Make Up Forever products.  I’ve found two shops that sell them here and here.

If you were thinking of a similar concealer that provides the same coverage but costs less, try Benefit’s Erase Paste. The only thing with the Benefit concealer is that there are not that many colours to choose from, just 3 compared to make up forever’s 12 (available in the UK – there might be more colours in the states)

All in all – a good buy if you’re willing to splash out the cash. I benefited from the currency exchange so I paid a lot less than what its selling for here.

Happy concealing people!

Do you use this concealer too? What’s your favourite concealer?


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