Dior Addict Lip Glow review

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Who: Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

What: A revolutionary made-to-measure lip balm that enhances the lips’ natural colour

Where: Dior Counters Nationwide, Boots Online Here

How much: £23.50

OK – now I’ve seen it all. Dior has come up with a one-of-a-kind lip balm that actually interacts with your lips chemistry before deciding to release its own colour ingredient for your very own personalised colour. I mean, its like the sorting hat from Harry Potter, only its for your lips!

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This lipbalm has a lovely smell to it too – smells like peppermint! I suspect the wild mango and luffa cylindrica*, which is infused in this handy little balm are there to keep your lippies soft and supple, mousturizing it throughout your busy day. I mean, this is perfect if you want very minimal colour – after using this, I noticed my lips were almost instantly plumped and were oh-so-rosy. Check out my before and after pictures;





You will notice my lips were not as dull as before – it perfect for a quick run to the park or grocery shopping BUT also so versatile if you want to pair it with dark eyeshadow for a night out on the town – I personally think its a little too light for me for a night out (I’m more a slutty red lipstick kinda chick for nights out) but I think its great if I want an understated look while strolling through the park with the babies – at least I’ll look presentable enough and not scare away the other people (un-brushed hair, panda eyes and dull lips make for a scary picture don’t you think?!)

At £23.50 – is not cheap, but this is Dior so I expected it to be pricey – I got this for Christmas last year and I was having a pretty rough time with the pregnancy and so splashed out a little.

Would I buy this again? I doubt unless there’s a deal on 🙂 – while I love the whole rosy lips look, I reckon Vaseline Rosy Lips (look at the picture below for comparisons, left picture is Dior and right is Vaseline) would do just about the same and costs an arm and a leg cheaper – £2.18. Can you say BARGAIN?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

IMG_2408 (1000x667) VS IMG_2441 (1000x667)

Rich dudes – get Dior Addict Lip Glow here

Not so rich dudes like me – get Vaseline Rosy Lips here

What say you people? Yae or Nae?

Toodles for now,


*Luffa Cylindrica seed oil is used in mineral based makeup to give a softer and smoother appearance

*point to note: my lips felt very soft, supple and kissable all throughout the day while I had the Dior balm on! 🙂

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