Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill

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Name: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill

Price: £24.50

Where : Giorgio Armani counters, Online



I bought this (heavyweight, literally) beauty while I was getting my Armani Luminous Silk foundation, you know me, can’t just be content with one product (my mum says me and brother have a disease, he collects shoes, I collect makeup) I mean, Eyes to Kill – it sounds like its right out of a James Bond movie so I had to try it. Far by the most expensive mascara I own. The pros? The packaging is simply gorgeous; it looks like gun metal and is really heavy to carry. It’s understated, but that’s what makes the mascara look so classy.

The mascara itself scores points on not clumping, even after 10 applications, which is admirable. Not as much volume for other mascaras such as mascara’s from The Falsies Range or the Bourjois Range, which was disappointing seeing as how those cost a fraction!  For me, this is way too expensive for me to be using daily so this mascara is on my reserve bench for special occasions. It is reasonably easy to remove, which is important too, I mean, red rubbed raw eyes, the last time I checked, were not back in fashion (yet). The cons? It’s really pricey and again, volume volume volume – there was just too little of this. Eyes to Kill. Perhaps not, Eyes to Injure (a little bit) definitely. James Bond, here I come!

Get it online here.(if you’re feeling rich!)

Giogio Armani Eyes To Kill

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