Guerlain 122 Rouge Automatique




Name: Guerlain 122 Rouge Automatique

Price: £24.50

Where : Guerlain counters, Online



I bought this stunning lip colour on my way to Istanbul, Turkey, where we attended a very good friends divorce party – I actually have red lipsticks but forgot to pack them and instead of re-buying the same MAC or the Christian Dior one, This was my first ever Guerlain product and coming in at an expensive price for it too.What really caught my eye was its eye-popping, I-once-belonged-to-Cleopatra gold exterior, with its signature ‘G’ on the front. More baffling, was it didn’t have a cap, its one where it magically pop’s out from the top with the slide of a small tab.

Like the idiot that I am, I stood at the counter trying to press this small tab wondering if it was an Aprils fools joke, risking us missing our plane and risking the wrath of an already annoyed husband. Anyway, I figured it out in the end and chose a gorgeous, deep shade of red. It is quite pricey for what it is, I will be the first to admit, and I cannot see myself owning many of these as I might (will) go bankrupt, but the texture of this lipstick is simply lustrous. Its creamy, oh-so-easy to slide on and also has a gorgeous sheen to it after, without being too over the top. This is now my go-to red lippie colour and I don’t even bother with lipgloss over it. Love it love it love it.

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Guerlain 122 Rouge Automatique  Guerlain 122 Rouge Automatique

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