MAC Hot Tahiti

MAC Tahiti

MAC Tahiti



Name: MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick

Price: £13.50

Where: MAC Counters, Online




The real reason I bought this was we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and I wanted a different colour of lippie to use, after all, the better half has seen all my lippie colours and because this was a special occasion, I wanted something different. I hopped to the MAC pop up shop at Heathrow airport and had a quick nose around – how funny when I caught sight of a lovely lighter shade of Retro, almost a softer shade of it, and as you know, I love MAC Retro (review here).

Picked it up and tried it on – it was lovely. It didn’t stand out as much as Retro, as its quite a little bit lighter, but it stood out nonetheless. I looked at the name of it – would you believe it, it was aptly called Tahiti! Sold – to the lady going to Hawaii with Tahiti! When worn on the lippies, it does give a gorgeous subtle shine, and its red, without being red – if you know what I mean.

Get it here online if you can’t pop by to the MAC shop.

Hot Tahiti Lips (211x141)   Hot tahiti

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