MAC False Lashes


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Name: MAC False Lashes

Price: £18.00

Where : MAC counters, Online



I went to get a top up of foundation at my local M.A.C shop (Covent Garden) and of course I ended up with liquid eyeliner, foundation and mascara. Typical. And at the end of each month I wonder where all my money went – figures. The new M.A.C false lashes mascara looks like something that wouldn’t look out of place in a French boudoir – black and really classy looking. It is slightly reminiscent of Anna Sui’s line of gorgeously decorated cosmetics, but a little different in some places. Promising to volumize and curl your lovely lashes, it also boasts an ultra-thickening formula to add to your peepers – sold! To the lady who can’t seem to get enough of M.A.C products! I bought the lot and headed back to work, dreaming of what awaited me the very next morning – false lash look while only using mascara? It’s like Christmas has come early!

I woke up extra early (okay, 10 minutes is EXTRA early for me), tried on my new mascara. After the first 10 applications, it did not seem any different to the cheaper alternatives I buy from boots, after 15 applications, I was losing hope (and getting later for work) I had to keep combing my lashes out with the brush and I lost count of how many applications I stopped at. The result? It does give volume yes, and it also does add to the curl of your eyelashes – but it takes too long to get there. Its way to expensive for me to be using daily when there are cheaper alternatives that achieve the same look in less time and less money.

This mascara is at best passable for the day time, but it’s not the winning product to come from MAC’s bosom – not by a long shot anyway. Thumbs up for the classy look of the mascara, but not so thumbs up for the product herself I’m afraid. Won’t be buying again.

Get it here online.

MAC False Lashes

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