MAC Russian Red

MAC Russian Red



Name: MAC Russian Red Lipstick

Price: £13.50

Where : MAC counters, Online



The better half picked this out for me while we were in New York.  This was my first bright red lipstick, before that, I only knew one other person who used bright red lipstick – my mum. So I laid off the red as I associated it with old(er) women. Off we went to MAC and he picked out the reddest, brightest lipstick I had ever seen. I was scared of it. Nevertheless I tried it on, and it didn’t look half bad – did I look like a girl out of the Addicted to Love video – of course not, have you seen their long legs compared to my stumpy ones!? It does certainly stand out again my dark features though, and I use this colour when we go to fancy places, with a dash of lip glass in Venetian. I think there is a lip glass in Russian Red – but I wanted something a little lighter and Venetian didn’t take away the gorgeous red-ness of the red lippie.

Get it here online if you can’t pop by to the MAC shop.

MAC Russian Red MAC Russian Red

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