MAC Sandy B

MAC Sandy B



Name: MAC Sandy B Lipstick

Price: £14.00

Where : MAC counters, Online



Sandy B was bought in Hong Kong back in 2005. It a shade of shell pink colour with an iridescent lustrous rainbow like shimmer depending on the way you look at it. I was mesmerized by how different this colour could look from different angles.  It was also a shade I convinced myself that i would look good in just because I saw a girl in a magazine using it (she looked lovely!!). Impulse buying is something I really need to curb I’m afraid!

The MAC artist at the counter recommended I use the lip glass Oyster Girl (review here) on top of Sandy B to give it that extra shiny finish. Till now,  I don’t know if the colour suits my olive tanned skin, as it is quite pink and is a little shocking against my olive skin tone. I have used it on a night out with a black dress and it didn’t look TOO bad. The jury is out on this still I’m afraid, as I am still unsure it it goes with my skin tone. It will suit someone who is lighter skin for sure.

Get it here online if you can’t pop by to the MAC shop.


MAC Sandy B MAC Sandy B

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