MAC See Sheer

MAC See Sheer

MAC See Sheer


Name: MAC See Sheer Lipstick

Price: £13.50

Where : MAC Counters, Online




MAC See Sheer was bought when I got married, I went to the MAC shop and told the artist – I wanted something not too bright, not too pale, neither too boring or flashy, but must stand out, I was the bride after all!! You can imagine my surprise when she replied, ‘I have just the colour!’ MAC See Sheer was her name, a soft but stand out without poking you in the eye coral pink with lovely shine. It was light enough to be the blushing bride, but stood out enough to make people notice – just what the Dr ordered. It has a lovely shine to it too – no need for gloss (unless you want insanely glossy lippies then by all means!)

Everytime I put this lippie on, I think about my wedding day and it makes me smile.

Get it here online if you can’t pop by to the MAC shop.

MAC See Sheer     MAC See Sheer

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