Max Factor Lip Tint

Max Factor Lip Tint



Name: Max Factor Lip Tint

Price: £6.99

Where : Boots Counters Nationwide



This was an impulse buy while I was doing my rounds in boots one lazy lunch time. I got it at much cheaper than its usual price of £7.99 as it was a brand new product and they wanted to drum up some interest in MAX Factor’s latest offering to the ladies of London. It promises ‘no transferable colours with depth’ and an intensity with buildable coverage. With 10 colours to choose from, they haven’t exactly rowed the boat out, but its a good enough start thats for sure. I found it a little light and had to keep on applying quite a few layers to get a desired shade, it definitely is buildable! The only issue I have is its really really REALLY hard to come off and upon removing it with many a removing make up wipe, I could still see traces of it on my lips, something which you never get with normal lipstick. So, a novel idea perhaps? I am not quite sure of this product for me, I’m an old school sorta girl, so I’ll stick to the conventional lipsticks I think. Points for trying to be different though Max Factor! Get it here online if you’ve no time to pop down.

Max Factor Lip Tint Max Factor Lip Tint

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