Max Factor Masterpiece Max

Max Factor Masterpiece Max

Max Factor Masterpiece Max


Name: Max Factor Masterpiece Max

Price: £9.99

Where : Boots counters nationwide, Online

Max Factor Masterpiece Max is one of my very first mascaras I’ve owned and one of the very few I wouldn’t be caught dead without. In understated black packaging, it certainly does not jump out at you, but this little dynamite pack a real punch! I like how the plastic brush is quite fine-toothed, making this mascara particularly useful for those hard to reach under-eye lashes and that’s what I use it for.

The brush is considerably smaller than others in the market (amongst the ones I’ve tried anyway) and with our under eye-lashes being much harder to reach – this brush is perfect. Yes yes, I hear you – why not just use a eye-lash brush to brush out whatever mascara has clumped on out under eye lash – but I say why not just use a mascara that does it all for you – coats the lashes and separates them!! The rigidity of the plastic brush is ever so useful! All in all – a really good buy. I always have this with me.

Get it online here.

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