Maybelline Illegal Length

Maybelline Illegal Length

Maybelline Illegal Length



Name: Maybelline Illegal Length

Price: £8.49

Where: Boots counters nationwide, Online





I was getting my lunch at Boots with my friend H, when we both chanced upon this new Maybelline mascara – Illegal Length. Wow! Illegal length? No way! And the bonus was there was offer on it as it was new, buy one, the other comes along for the ride at half price. It wasn’t in the most of attractive of packaging; it comes in a lightweight silver tubing with bright pink font, proclaiming illegal lengths with added fiber extensions. In a sea of mascaras where looks are what catches the eye first, this one is not so good at that – the only thing that save it was its name. Me and H bought it anyway, and joked about bailing each other out form the police station the next day – they were meant to be illegal lengths after all.

The next morning, I tried on this mascara and double bolted my door (not a fan of going to jail for illegal eyelash length!) I was sorely disappointed. It took more than 40 applications to get me to passable for work, anything less and you could barely notice much – maybe it’s just me, but I’m so used to lashes that you can actually see after a few applications, and then you add just a few more just for that extra oomph. This mascara didn’t get me stopped in the street and certainly wouldn’t even have warranted a warning. Such a disappointment when I am so fond of Maybelline’s the falsies range (one of my favourites) No go for me for this one I’m afraid.

Get it here online.

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