Maybelline Volume Express

Maybelline Volume Express

Maybelline Volume Express



Name: Maybelline Volume Express

Price: £6.19

Where : Boots counters nationwide, Online




I’ve always got a soft spot for Maybelline products, as a teen growing up – I never had much pocket money so what I had left over after buying my sweets went to my make up pot, and Maybelline products were always affordable and they catered for everyone – for the younger ones funky coloured eye shadows and candy floss lip gloss. For the ermm, older ones (ahem not me of course) award winning foundations and a vast array of fierce lippie colour that rival the big guns out there. I bought this mascara while on honeymoon in the states. What’s the mascara like, I hear you ask? Well, its not clumpy and it definitely gives volume – but this takes quite a few applications to achieve the effect some others take less to get the same look, I’m also not convinced it gives much length, but after 30 or so applications, I gave up.

It’s a perfectly fine mascara if you want to use it for work or a casual day out or to work, but for eyelashes that stop traffic – this does not I’m afraid. Volume, yes after lots of applications, express, not so much. Good effort though I won’t be buying again – far better ones out there for the price you’re paying

Get it here online.

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