No 17 Blow Out

No 17 Blow Out

No 17 Blow Out



Name: No 17 Blow Out

Price: £6.29

Where : Boots counters nationwide, Online




No 17 Blow Out mascara was just that – a total blow out, but in a not so good way. It promised 12 times more volume, oscar-worthy drama to your eyes – excited was an understatement!!  However, after trying this our the very next morning, I was terribly UN-enthused.  At best, this is an average mascara which you have to apply quite a lot of to get any sort of effect and I mean quite alot of applications.

I am very impressed that there is Argan oil, a mouturizing agent which contains the anti-oxident vitamin E, in the mascara. That’s unfortunately all I’m impressed with. I would recommend paying a little more money and getting a better one. Try it at your own risk my lovelies!

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