No 17 Lash Adapt

No 17 Lash Adapt

No 17 Lash Adapt



Name: No 17 Lash Adapt

Price: £12.95

Where :Boots counters nationwide, Online




I was browsing through the face cream section at boots one morning (already running 5 minutes late for work of course) when a lady from the No 7 counter came up to me, bright, chirpy and smiley, just what the Dr didn’t order on a gloomy Monday morning. She was advertising No 7’s latest mascara, Lash Adapt. She mentioned it was one of the pricier ones from the No 7 range, but well worth it as it was proven to be clump free after 6 applications. I didn’t dare tell her that I was none the wiser about No 7 having such an extensive range of mascaras (of course I found this out on that day as I just had to browse through their whole range – forget the 5 minutes late for work – this is mascara we’re talking about people!) Anyway, she had me sold on the words ‘proven’, as you will come to realise, I am a stickler for words like ‘proven’, ‘clinically not tested on animals’ and ‘guaranteed or your money back’. I also didn’t dare tell her that I used much more that 6 applications (and that’s just to put out the bins!) in fear she would give me the evils and not let me shop at boots again (what a horrible thought!)

So I bought it of course, and tried it the very next day. It did what it said on the label – clump free after 6 applications, but those 6 applications were nowhere near the volume and length of some other mascara’s after the same amount of applications. It says ‘buildable volume’, but it does get clumpy after 8 applications. For £13, there are better ones out there. I unfortunately won’t be buying this again.  Try it if you must – but if I were you, save the pennies for better one my lovelies.

Get it here online.

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