No17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Belle

NO17 Belle



Name: No17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Belle

Price: £4.59

Where: Boots Counters Nationwide, Online



I don’t have many no 17 products incidentally, I think the other thing I have is a mascara and a solitary eye shadow. I can tell you however, that every time I pay for something at boots I get a £5 off No17 products voucher.  For a long time, I’ve used lipsticks and a swish of lip gloss over my lips to give them that extra ‘oomph wow wow wee wa’ and shine. You can imagine my euphoria when one day, browsing through God knows what in boots, I came across No17 latest addition to its lippie range – Mirror Shine lipstick and promptly bought two colours (Nudist Peach and Belle) Belle is a dusty very light, clean coral pink little number.

This lippie does exactly what it says on the shiny blue compact packaging it comes in – it’s definitely the shiniest lippie I’ve ever bought/come across. Is it as good as slicking your pout puckers with lip gloss? – No. BUT – it does give a glossy finish, perfect if you’re too lazy to add the extra effort for lip gloss, or if you want to save money and just get a lipstick instead of a lipstick AND a lip-gloss. Or, of course, the ultimate reason: if your clutch bags are anything like mine, made for ants to carry and all it can hold is a phone, eyeliner, and lip-gloss OR lipstick then this will save you the effort (and space) of cramming both. This lippie is what I call slick and go girls! A shinier world awaits!

Get it here online.

No17 Belle Belle lips (211x141)

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