Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Cream Review

Ole Henriksen CC Cream

Ole Henriksen CC Cream

What: Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Cream

Where: Online at Feel Unique

How much: £29.00

I’ve been wanting to try out Ole Henriksen for a while now – it is a staple among my fellow lovely bloggers but their range is so extensive that I just simply didn’t know where to start.  Lately I’ve also read tons on the new CC Cream craze. I mean, I’m just getting over the whole BB cream and thee CC’s have already come out. I mean, maybe after I finish writing this post, the DD cream might be out – who knows?

Anyway, back to my CC cream dilemma. There are TONS of them out there. I mean, every major cosmetic brand has one out. Were to start? God alone knows, so I googled ‘best CC’s creams’ and what do you know, Ole Henriksen was in the list among some other familiar brands. AHA! this was the perfect opportunity to get my little grubby hands on owning an Ole Henriksen product, and try out a CC cream at the same time – winner!

Enter Ole Henriksen’s Perfect truth CC crème – a makeup hybrid supercharged multi-tasker that’s designed to brighten, protect and perfect all in one simple step. I mean, creams are sure getting hardworking – before you had to use 2, even 3 creams to brighten, protect and perfect, well, now you don’t have to anymore, Ole Henriksen has kindly combined it all in one snazzy tube for your convenience – how very kind of them right?! 🙂

The product smells of lovely oranges – I don’t know what it is, but I recently tested out Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup line and their primer smelled of oranges too! I used the cream in the colour medium which was perfect – blended in really well. The cream itself doesn’t feel too heavy and covers up most of my imperfections – its buildable coverage so you can use more if you need it. It was very easy to come off too – and, didn’t break me out in spots (always a good sign). Its suitable for all skin types too – mines a mixture of oily t-zone and very dry cheeks.

IMG_1629 (1000x667)

Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Cream

Thrown in for good measure is SPF 30 – handy if its a hot day like today – its flippin’ 29deg indoors!!  There are a host of other good stuff (did I mention anti-aging too – I mean now I’ve hit 30 it’s all about the anti-aging people!) that went into making this wonder-serum – here are a few that’s listed on their website.

Key ingredients/ benefits:

  • 5 sources of Vitamin C brightens, boosts collagen, firms and provides antioxidant defense:
  • Tripeptide-5 rebuilds and strengthens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Ferulic acid provides antioxidant protection and environmental defense
  • Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramides nourish and replenish moisture
  • Light reflecting pigments provide sheer light to medium coverage and instant luminosity

Instantly PERFECTS:

  • illuminates with light-reflecting pigments
  • diffuses flaws and sheer illuminating coverage
  • nourishes with Sodium Hyaluronate + Ceramides
  • protects with Broad Spectrum SPF 30
Over time CORRECTS:
  • brightens, fades dark spots with 5 sources of vitamin C
  • reduces redness and calms with green tea extract
  • minimizes lines with Tripeptide-5
  • prevents free radical damage with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant

If you want to read the full write up, you can do so here – there’s loads more on there!

I think this CC cream has to be the hardest working cream on the block – going by the amount of things its doing to help your skin!

Would I buy it again – yes. Let me tell you why.  It feels alot lighter than normal foundation (while managing to provided the same coverage), it smells alot nicer than foundation (hello orange fields of gold!) and it doesn’t have that heavy make-up feeling you sometimes get. The only off putting thing is I guess the price, at £29.00 its one of the more expensive CC creams out there on the market, HOWEVER, yes, there is a big HOWEVER – if you weigh how much more your getting from the product – I mean, think about it – you don’t have to shell out for a brightener, no need for concealer and no need for sunblock – you’re saving a ton of ££kerching-ching££ right there dude! Check out my before and after pictures below – sorry about the light exposure on the second picture – camera went a little wonky. As you can see – my skin is quite alot smoother in the second picture.

IMG_1628 (667x1000)


IMG_1636 (667x1000)


I’m an Ole Henriksen convert. Though it’ll be a while before I get anything else from their range – I have to save up first!

Do you love/loathe Ole Henriksen? Have you tried their CC crème? Or perhaps you have other products of theirs that are simply cannot-live-without-must-haves? Let me know in the comments section below – sharing is caring lovelies! 🙂

Later alligators,


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