Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30



Name: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30

Price: £47.00

Where : Perricone MD Online



I only knew of Dr Perricone products through reading about it from another website.  While I was on the flight to Singapore, they had this little number, Dr Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation SPF 30, on duty free and because it was cheaper than what I would have paid while in London, I decided to buy it. I also have Dr Perricone’s High Potency Evening Repair (which I use almost every night) and also the Dr Perricone’s Intensive Moisture Therapy.  Both of which I am a fan of.

The benefits of No Foundation Foundation SPF 30 on the websites boasted:

– Treatment, cosmetic and SPF 30 all in one.
– Lightweight and suitable for all skin types.
– Gives a natural, healthy, dewy finish.
– Corrects skin undertones, smoothes fine lines and boosts skin’s natural moisture.
– Paraben-free.

It is a one-colour match all – so while I was apprehensive (I am pretty sure I am a different colour to the girl ext door!) I was also intrigued.

At £47.00, its one of the pricier ones out there for sure.  What did I hope to achieve from this? Well, I’m so tired of thinking I have the right foundation colour only to be told ‘that’s way too light for you are you trying to look white?’ or ‘why have you tanned only your face?’ its frustrating to say the least and I thought this no foundation foundation would just blend in with my face tone – which it did – it did look like I didn’t have foundation on at all, which is a surprise as the foundation itself came out of the bottle a little paler than my other foundations. Its lightweight and easy to go on – but the smell of the product is odd.

I only tried it out yesterday and today – and yesterday, R asked me if I had changed my foundation colour – he’s a guy too so I thought if a guy notices it, I’m doomed. He did say it suited me though – so perhaps it is my natural colour to be a little lighter, I’m more prone to go for the brown/yellow undertone foundations. I didn’t break out in pimples for the two days Ive used it so that’s a bonus – my only gripe is that my imperfections show up so much more – I guess with this trying to give you the most natural finish as possible, its not the best and covering all the imperfections (and I have too many that make me conscious!). So on went the concealer. Would I buy again? Possibly not – as its quite expensive and I had to top up with concealer – and its more pricey in the UK. There are a few more things I would like to try out from them (Dr Perricone’s Cold Plasma) and some Ole Henriksen products (ergo: SAVE MONEY KIMMY) So sadly a no-go for me on this one – the imperfections I have show up way too much and any concealer I put on looks so heavy on this almost translucent foundation.

Get it here of you like (and have near perfect skin to really use this foundation for all its intent purposes!!)

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