Rimmel London Glam Eyes Day to Night

Rimmel London Glam Eyes Day to Night

Rimmel London Glam Eyes Day to Night



Name: Rimmel London Glam Eyes Day to Night

Price: £7.99

Where : Boots counters nationwide, Online





I bought this two weeks ago, intrigued by its packaging. – bright electric pink and jet black – very vogue. I was also intrigued with this day-to-night caption – what on earth did that mean? Anyhow, I bought it and of course, the next morning, tried it out. I chose the ‘day’ cap of it and tried it out – to e fair there wasn’t much mascara on it, the problem is, the hole they made for the brush to come through was so small, that it scraped on any mascara on the brush – leaving not much to apply on my lashes. After a few applications, I decided it was time to switch to the night part as I was getting nowhere fast and was (alas again!) running late for work. I undid the night part and low and behold, a totally different looking brush emerged, a thicker, fuller, definitely more mascara on it looking brush – I was now convinced that either A: I was going mad due to lack of sleep or B: Rimmel was the 1st cosmetic company to find a magical way to incorporate two brushes in one tube of mascara. I opened the ‘day top’ and once again, a thinner looking brush emerged. At the risk of getting told off for waking him up to see if he could figure out why my mascara was acting weird and playing tricks on my eyes, I bundled it in my work bag and hurried along to work. After playing with the mascara on the train (im sure the commuters thought I must have been crazy) I figured it out.

The ‘night’ part of the mascara had a massive hole for the brush head to pass though, creating the illusion that it was a different brush altogether, the only problem with this, is there was so much mascara on the brush now, that it left my eye lashes clumpy. I know I know – I can hear you saying ‘first she said the hold in the day part was too small, now the night part is too big – there is not pleasing this crazy woman who plays with her mascara tube on the train!’ I hear you. And yes, I am crazy, but that’s beside the point. So right, this is what I did – I used the night part of the mascara to clump, I mean coat my lashes and then quickly used the day part to even it all out – problem solved.

Unfortunately, this mascara didn’t do it for me and its been relegated to my ‘not-so-good’ drawer (these cosmetics don’t get a present from santa!) waiting for my sister to come and take it off me. Try at it your own risk my lovelies! No go for me I’m afraid.

Get it here online.

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