Rimmel Scandal Eyes

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Name: Rimmel Scandal Eyes

Price: £6.99

Where : Boots counters nationwide, Online



What drew me to this mascara – its neon bright orange tubing, which stood out a mile from the rest. Enter Rimmel’s newest baby to add to her collection of growing mascaras – Scandal Eyes. What does it promise? Scandal (ous) eyes of course! I must say, the brush is the biggest I’ve ever seen – its ginormous! Unfortunately that’s where it stops though (cue bad violin music) It took about 20 applications to get to passable for work and that’s just not as good as some others who take a far shorter time to achieve the same length. It also lacked any sort of volume, which is quite unfortunate as I wanted this mascara to do well. It can be clumpy if you are not careful too – for a first timer, the brush might be a tad hard to master (it is HUGE!!!) I stopped after the 20 applications as I had to rush off to work, so I’m not sure how many applications it would take to be positively scandal (ous).

Not the mascara for me I’m afraid and one that I won’t be buying again. What a scandal! Try it at your own risk my lovelies!

Get it here online.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes

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