Shu Uemura Face Architect

Shu Uemura Face Architect



Name: Shu Uemura Face Architect

Price: £34.00

Where : Shu Uemera counters, Online

Coverage: Medium-buildable


One day, while coming up the lift to get to my 1st floor work place(lazy cow not taking the stairs I hear you say) I caught sight of my reflection in the elevator mirror I noticed that for some reason, my foundation seemed a lot darker than my actual skin tone and because I was wearing a sleeveless top, it made the colour difference stand out that much more. Immediately I brought yahoo up and typed in ‘foundation for asian skin’ and a loads of pages came up – the majority of which pointed me to Shu Uemura. That’s all it took to convince me and guess what, there was a Shu Uemura just up the road from me in Covent Garden. So that was lunch time – sorted then!

Lunch time took ages to come but when it finally did, I was racing to the shop – nevermind I didn’t know where I was going!. Anyway, the lady at the counter was really nice, really helpful too. Anyhow, I told her what I needed – medium to full coverage, brown undertones and not too thick. Ta-daa, hello Face Architect, promising a flawless, satin finish. Anyway, the foundation is easy enough to use and blended well with my skin tone. It is quite browned toned though and if the wrong color is bought, it can look darker than you want it to be. Coverage wise, its good enough to use on its own without concealor, which is always a plus point. All in all, it’s a good enough foundation, though a tad on the pricey side though.

Not something I would keep buying, but once in a while I do use this foundation. If you’ve got tons of money to spend in your foundation budget, and if your skin tone is quite hard to match (I’m Asian and European), then Shu Uemura is worth a visit, Verdict – a good foundation but a little too pricey for me for everyday use.

Get it here online if you can’t pop down to a counter.

Shu Uemura Face Architect


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