Yves Saint Laurent Liquid Eye Liner

Yves Saint Laurent Liquid Eye Liner

Yves Saint Laurent Liquid Eye Liner

Name: Yves Saint Laurent Liquid Eye Liner

Price: £24.00

Where : YSL counters, Online

Faring much better that her sister eyeliner pen, this YSL liquid eyeliner does the trick for me 100 times over. One little tube of this golden magic liquid lasts me well over 6 months, and considering I use it every day (bar some Sundays) that’s pretty good. The brush – note I say brush, not some felt tip pen like-thingy that sucks up all the liner that it barely gives you any liquid to draw with. Right, back to the brush – it’s quite finely tipped, perfect for that ‘winged edge look’ . The liquid itself is not so thick, nor too thin.

One flaw – the price will make your heart skip a beat, especially as the bottle it comes in is not that big – and you can’t actually tell how much is left which is kind of annoying There are other eye liners I’m sure that do the same job for a fraction of the price, it just so happened that this was one of the first liquid eye-liners I picked up (yes, I will admit, the fancy gold I-am-Cleopatra packaging it came it did help a bit). I have got round to buying other liquid eyeliners that I will try out soon enough, but for now, this nifty little trick stays put firmly in my must-haves.

Get it here online if you can’t pop down to the counter yourself.


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